Why do people hate marijuana?

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September 9, 2010
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September 9, 2010
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Rianne R asked:

I mean, its safe, and no people have not died, or killed themselves by being high. I mean, everything just looks spaced out, and different, but your not fucked up to the point of where you can’t function. I mean sure theres the memory loss, but I mean, who the hell cares? I sure don’t. And those who “claimed” to have smoked it, say that it messed them up for good. Thats impossible, unless you have a learning disorder before hand. I mean, theres no way it could ever be that bad, and I’ve known people that have been smoking since they were kids, and they are just fine. Another thing is, why isn’t it legalized? Its not hurting anyone, you never hear of an accident on the news, that said,”Teenager ran over a baby because she was high”. Marijuana is a joke to the feds, so why even bother arresting for it ya know? Why do you hate it so much if it was put on this world by a god?


  1. Miss Murder says:

    Because it’s “illegal” which makes it’s the worst thing ever. Although they won’t try it to see that it’s not like heroin. Welcome to society. Judging with out anything to back the judgment.

  2. missy_lg says:

    becuse thats dumb doing drugs thats only for losers no offense but its true am i right or wrong?

  3. jmelee85 says:

    Because it smells, it causes people to not care about their work, or life in general, its a waste of money and people who make a bad habit out of it are effin retards.

  4. Its Just Me says:


    “ppl say it make u crazy and and u want to rebell… against wat?!?!?. ganja…ganja… its a plant…”
    -bob marley

    im a 4.0 college freshman attending UC riverside, a private college with only ppl that had a 4.0 with honor classes can get into that school out of high school. and i been smoking ganja since i was 16. u think u can tell me anything? its the smokers actions that makes him stupid. not the ganja. it actually help me expand my mind even more when im high. i can go into a western philosophy class high and come out knowing everything about western philosophy.

  5. aviolentremedy says:

    I’ve watched it ruin 98% of my friends lives. The other 2% are spoiled by their parents so they still get whatever they want. It makes you lazy, it’s just a gateway drug. It’s fun when you’re 16 and 17 but there’s a time you need to stop partying and grow up.

  6. She says:

    Actually, it is addictive and bad for you. I’ve never tried it, but I know someone who has. He’s perfectly normal, but when I talk to him seriously, he just stares out. I can;t have a deep conversation with him anymore.

  7. nora says:

    it stinks and if a person smokes it in my apt building it comes into my apt. i also hate cigars. pipes and cigs. the mari stinks the worst and makes me feel sick i hate it alot

  8. J C says:

    Different people have different opionions and different things affect people differently. It might be ok for one person to do but it could really mess up another person. I personally don’t like it because of the smell. I’v never done it but I’v been around it.

  9. rillaf says:

    I don’t hate it, but the people I know who still smoke it past the age of around 23 or so tend to be losers. I think it just makes you lazy or something.

  10. hellothere says:

    It’s all conspiracy with in the government. If they make any illegal drug legal the feds would not make a lot of money on drug trafficking and arrests. After most cops make arrest in drug charges they usually secretly sell it back on the street.

  11. the Boss says:

    It’s the reason you’re not doing anything with your life. It also makes you say “I mean,” too much.

  12. Samsung says:

    YOU SUCK-ITH. YOU DIDN’T EVEN CAPITALIZE THE G IN GOD. YOU ARE SUCH A #$%##$@$^%^%@$!@##!!~~~~@!#@!$@$@$@((()*****!!!


  13. seej2005 says:

    i agree i think its because people have never tried it

  14. Akhs says:

    Cause its bad

  15. Return of Bobjr says:

    lol dont try gay religion crap not even believes in first place. Second I dont hate it, I just hate people dont have responsiablitiy when doing it. I mean my dad did a sh it load of drugs and took responsiablitiy after that. He is now a great father and in more shape than most people his age.

  16. D y L a N 7 7 7 says:

    idk why people hate it. i agree with u.

  17. Warrior Poo Flinger says:

    How’d you get the f bomb past the Yamster?

    From the user’s point of view, you’re mostly right. It isn’t 100% safe and some may have died or killed others like in a car accident while high. But so many people have died because of the business end of it. There’s lots of money to be made and poor laborers are abused, overworked, underpaid, and sometimes killed. Drug money has been used to by weapons by foreign governments to wage guerilla warfare or terrorist attacks. So sweetie, just because you don’t see the damage marijuana causes, don’t assume there is none.

  18. weso17 says:

    this is such a hard question to answer I could go on and on about this. I don’t smoke it because its illegal. If it wasn’t I would. Its gonna be too hard to tax it due to its availability thats why its not legal. I know its alot less harmful than alcohol. Also People don’t get violent on marijuana. I think it should be legal. I think the taxes from it should go to schools.

  19. Ryan C says:

    Because the politicians never tried it.

    If they did they wouldnt ban it, they would embrace it.

    Personally, I believe in personal freedoms presiding over everything. I, like the politicians, also believe in junkies that cant get by without it. My counter argument is that goes for a lot of things…like alcohol, video games, movies, masturbation, cleaning, sex, OTC medications, and collecting odd things..

    Maybe we should ban all of those too…

  20. womeninstinks@sbcglobal.net says:

    What God???? Satan is a liar and the Indians used weed to get into the supernatural world soooo whos world do you think you enter when you are high…..is it positive or is it negative….I dont recall Jesus smoing bud with his witnesses…

  21. Dani says:

    I have no idea why people hate it, other than by it being illegal – it has caused a high amount of crime and smuggling. But, where I live 80% of the town smokes it or has something to do with it. I personally do not, because I do not like not to be in control. It is legally state wise, but not by Federal Law. The Feds fly their helicopters around and do raids. But that is just to give them something to do, because local cops just don’t care. And, I supported strongly for medical purposes! But, some people should not be smoking it – because they are dumb already, and sometimes it does lead to varied drug use – for a “better” or “stronger” high.

  22. Allan S says:

    Its not legalized becuase the Govt cannot make taxes from it if you grow and smoke it yourself.

  23. broadband says:

    wrong where does your info come from if that was true my brother would not be dead are you god or what i had a family member die because of it dot say it dosent hapen ———–crying you are so ignorant laws are there for a reason to protect you so grow——-crying up and smell the roses you dont know —– didly ——–

  24. freshie123 says:

    “Why do you hate it so much if it was put on this world by a god?” Are you serious? God put many many things on this world that are evil. Murderers, drugs, temptations, Hannah Montana (jk) but, just because it is out there, does not make it good. Tell me, what is so great about getting high? Do you really find passing out and killing your brain cells “fun”? It is bad for you, extremely bad. The cops and government are trying to protect you (whoa! big shocker) when they made marijuana illegal. there is obviously a reason why they did that. THEY DONT WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!

  25. xaargh says:

    I think you’re right. Actually, I think marijuana is actually good for some people. Some people have absolutely mind-numbing jobs and really need things to help get them through the day. If someone feels the need to be high all day to supplement their boring life, at least they found something that helps…

    The time when it’s really bad is when people smoke weed all day when they’re in school because they’re young and don’t care yet, screw up their education, and then end up in said mind-numbing jobs. Awful cycle. But a legal age limit like alcohol has would fix that, I don’t think weed needs to be illegal for adults.

  26. Misanthropist says:

    Because you get addicted to it and end up spending huge amounts of money on crap that weak people need to run away from their problems. And when you decide that marijuana is not “cool” anymore, you’ll try more “hardcore” things, like cocaine. If you want to fu#k up your life, fine, I just don’t want my future children to become failures because one of their retarded friends decided to “help them relax”.

  27. gator_ce says:

    OK, first the last statement mean nothing at all. By that choice you should love scorpions and rattlesnakes also pedophiles and murders.

    Second it is harmful. It is bad for you not that there are not other inconsistency with regard to regulations, driving with a cell phone. Alcohol, tobacco products.

    Third any drug imported illegally has been covered in blood by the time it gets here. People are killed in the drug trade with alarming regularity police, ATF, DEA , border security, TSA and others.

  28. Imaka says:

    I don’t hate it at all. There are far worse thiings in the world than marijuana, and alcohol is one of them.

  29. Tessa O'Hera says:

    For one, Alot of stuff was put on this earth by God, But it is not all good for you! And yes, there are reports of teens and adults who have hurt others and themselves by being high.
    Maybe not as much as other accidents, but it still happens.
    I have a relative who use to play the guitar real well, even thought about making a band, well he cant remember songs to even sing them anymore. He ‘WAS’ REAL good too. I am not against ‘pot’ or the ‘smokers’ but alot you are assuming is wrong.

  30. ben h says:

    it was legal at one time but some guy had it out for it and he made up alot of lie about it .then some more guy in the south add too his lie to get to black .and it was made not aloud and if they legalized they haft to say it was all lie form the stare

  31. selectiveimage says:

    I didn’t know people hated weed I mean UH I Mean UH What were we talking about? I mean no it’s not bad I mean UH no It’s cool. I mean Uh . Hold on What?. If people cannot Handle ANY Drug whether it Alcohol Or Weed Then PUT IT DOWN. If a person Cannot get 10 steps ahead of him/her self OR lead a Goal Oriented Like Then Fix the Situation and Put Down the Pipe and the Bottle—————–K WTF Some people can do things and it Stimulates them Eventually It Will Degenerate them Where Do You Want To Be in 20 Years?. And for the one’s that have lived with the “addiction” How’s things going? still handling it? Goals in Tact? Then why worry? Just remember—we all pay a price—-Do you know what your’s Is?. OH One more thing— How Much Valuable Time have you wasted Running down your Pot Man trying to get a bag? How many friends do you know that are in jail now?. After a while if you weigh it out–If you don’t have a good Solid Connection You will end up on the Losing end and have to consort with people you wouldn’t really want to deal with—-if you let yourself weigh out the pro’s and con’s. No A LOT of people Don’t Hate weed. We just Outgrow it. Hopefully you’re not one of the people that decided to try something else And got hooked on That Too. You better have a Great Job—-Better get your Ass up in the Morning and go to work—–Better live a Double life. You will always have conflict in your life. And IF you’re lucky you’re not a weak person and decide to go to Bigger things like Meth or Heroin Or Crack to go with the weed and Maybe Alcohol. Then Maybe you won’t end up with Hep-C Like My Kid did. From using shared needles. Keep in touch with yourself Are you sure of what You’re Doing? I mean It’s not that Bad is it?. No I don’t hate Marijuana , I FEAR the Strength it takes Not to Get Higher. What I Strongly Dislike about weed and any other Drug is that it takes away from the Real things in life. So I’ll Throw a question back at you——Can you handle all the Baggage Marijuana comes with?. Are you Strong enough to keep your Goals in life Or Even Make them? Can you live an Honest Productive Life, Without it Interfering with your “Other” life? . I mean it’s only marijuana–No body’s ever killed themselves—Are you Sure?