Why are the feds wasting money on marijuana prosecution?

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September 3, 2010
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bbriggs04 asked:

HOw funny is this? The feds want to prosecute Ed Rosenthal again even though they looked foolish in the first case. The funniest part is the majority of Americans use marijuana. Even if he is found guilty he won’t spend time in jail. What a joke.
Look at the following

Feds To Continue Case Against Bay Area Pot King
(AP) SAN FRANCISCO Federal prosecutors said Friday they would retry marijuana grower Ed Rosenthal on cultivation charges, even after a federal judge urged them to drop the case and chastised the government for lodging charges solely to punish the self-proclaimed “guru of ganja.”

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer demanded to know who in the Department of Justice decided to continue pursuing Rosenthal, who had his original conviction overturned last year.

Rosenthal can’t be sentenced to prison even if he is convicted because the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the one-day prison sentence ordered by Breyer in 2003.
The police get to use the 10 gs for upgrades and for future drug bust set ups nostradamus. They also get to employ individuals specifically for catching drug dealers and users.


  1. Nostradamus says:

    The Federal Government actually makes more money from keeping drugs illegal that not, contrary to popular belief. The amount of money/possessions that they confiscate makes it more lucrative for them to keep it illegal. If you get pulled over with 10 pounds of pot and 10,000 dollars…Do you think you get to keep the car and that 10,000 dollars?

  2. veronica1ramirez says:

    They don’t want to buy it so they confiscate it lol

  3. shermynewstart says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. You’ll get out of jail quicker if you kill someone than get busted for a drug charge. The lady in CA who won her case for medical marijuana has been arrested again.

  4. rare2findd says:

    We have enough to worry about. The feds need to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, or start protecting our borders, or — just do something that isn’t so old and tired. Few people care about the use of marijuana anymore anyway.
    Besides they’re probably using the stuff themselves.

  5. Taylor M says:

    They are in denial, prohibition is not working, they know it.

    Its only a matter of time till its made legal, and i say let it come!

  6. littlebee says:

    I am not sure how to answer your question, because I am not American and i’m not sure about your laws etc but over here peeps are pushing and urging for drugs such a marijuana to be de-classed as harmful drugs because studies show that ciggerette smoking and alcohol abuse is more of a health risk than smoking pot and of course these more harmful substances are all legal!!!!
    I don’t know if this is the case, as there have been a few scary adverts on tv lately about smoking cannabis like smoking too much makes your brain turn to mush!!, but then I think the governement like to control people to a certain degree and every so often you hear of how certain veg causes cancer and that this and that causes something else and so on so on.
    Personally I have nothing against people smoking marijuana and I agree that prosecuting people for smoking cannabis when there are killers and child molesters free at large in our communities, is a waste of tax payers money and pathetic in my opinion.

    Someone somewhere should stand up and say hey, get your priorities in order, but unless we speak out nothing will ever change. I can imagine that sooner or later some one will say that surfing the net causes brain cancer, or that drinking milk gives you ovarian cancer in women which I have actually heard before, they may well do, and before you know it, the net will be illegal and cows will never be milked again lol!!!

    Well ok that’s a totally wild and insane speculation but its just as stupid as waisting money to procecute someone that won’t even go to jail and for something that has already been thrown out of court before, just senseless in my opinion!!

  7. .x.Consume.x.Exist.x.Obey.x. says:

    It’s actually quite simple, the federal government can not tax marijauna (as it could say cigarettes) therefore by keeping it illegal they are gaining a form of profit from it (as I see someone has mentioned). The only way for marijuana to be legal other than for medical purposes would be if the government could find a way to dilute it (minimizing its effects on the human body) and also find a way to place some form of taxation on it upon sale. They would dilute it so that it would require more of the drug to get you “stoned” causing you to purchase more and in turn you are also paying heavy taxation on the product (again just as cigarettes are) causing them to gain a very hefty profit from it’s use.