whites are whites ALL the time…….


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whites are whites ALL the time.......until Black folk get it there’s no hope……. this is from funny who they get to present their ideology.

8 comments on “whites are whites ALL the time…….

  1. fmcneillii on

    I can’t stand shit like this, black folks sitting around having conversations about race as if its gonna make a difference for us. It’s embarrassing how we’re still doing this nonsense. If white boy don’t like us so the fuck what? Just make sure he doesn’t try nothing stupid and we’re all good.

  2. fmcneillii on

    He is white. Jews are whites who CLAIM to be Jews. They are of european extraction, its just they have a very bad history with other europeans (not even talking the “holocaust”) that makes them want to reject them. Small hats have historically exploited Saxons.

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