***Was he thinking of/referring to marijuana when he said this***?

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September 24, 2010
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September 24, 2010
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<3little red corvette<3 asked:

ok so,
my name is jane.
there’s a guy i like in one of my classes. i know he’s kind of a pothead and does weed all the time, but he is a nice guy. anyway, one day after acknowledging me, randomly and kind of looking off to the distance and smiling, he was like, “jane.. i love jane..”. i know this sounds weird, but i’m a really shy person so this kind of thing happens to me sometimes… where people just talk about me in second person. anyway, i was flattered for a few days, but i just looked up ‘jane’ on urban dictionary and it is a short name for marijuana. i always thought it was mary jane, not just jane. so now i am wondering.. was he joking and thinking of marijuana when he said that, or was he sincere?
sorry if this is the wrong section!


  1. Christine P says:

    i have had many friends of this kind in my life and he is most likely talking about marijuana. Sorry for the bluntness

  2. The Sad Jester says:

    i would say it was a reference to marijuana.

  3. word says:

    It could be both, like a homonym…. a way to be discrete about his feelings for you, while still saying his feelings..

    my gf “tags” Sushi, lol… I love sushi 🙂

    (both, the food and her..)

    But I haven’t had the guts to say “I love sushi” in front of her… I haven’t told her I love her yet.. I’m worried it might scare her off..

    However, after I tell her.. I’ll use that to make her laugh