**was he thinking of or referring to marijuana?**?

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September 29, 2010
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September 29, 2010
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<3little red corvette<3 asked:

ok so, im not sure if this is the right section but
my name is jane.
there’s a guy i like in one of my classes. i know he’s kind of a pothead and does weed all the time, but he is a nice guy. anyway, one day after acknowledging me, randomly and kind of looking off to the distance and smiling, he was like, “jane.. i love jane..”. i know this sounds weird, but i’m a really shy person so this kind of thing happens to me sometimes… where people just talk about me in second person. anyway, i was flattered for a few days, but i just looked up ‘jane’ on urban dictionary and it is a short name for marijuana. i always thought it was mary jane, not just jane. so now i am wondering.. was he joking and thinking of marijuana when he said that, or was he sincere?


  1. crazy8eddie says:

    Could be… Mary Jane is a nick name for pot.

  2. Julie says:

    Most likely he was coming down from a high on weed.

  3. me says:

    Unless he was talking to you when he said it then yeah he was referring to weed. Actually even if he was talking to you he was still probably referring to weed.

  4. 9622 says:

    probably some of both. he probably thought it was funny that your name was jane the same as a “mary jane”. to him it was funny that you both shared the same name.

  5. Metal Barbie says:

    Yeah, he was, but he wouldn’t have associated you with pot if he didn’t like you too!

  6. Bby girl says:

    It’s possible… But I think he was being sincere

  7. Sara says:

    im pretty sure it was the marjuana, cuz he wouldnt randomly say that in 2nd person out loud