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TIME TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA FEDERALLY!!This video can hit up the amazing understand of legalizing marijuana! People its not just a drug, its a plant and can be used to make oil as well as clothing…


  1. SeriouslyPissedOff on

    It seems easier to feel that way, against violence, when you haven’t yet been personally effected by the legislation that puts you behind bars and takes all of the money you worked for all for the possession of a flower. Even if you believe in prison for those who lobbied for unjust laws, that is a form of threatened force and thus violence. I just can’t imagine letting people off the hook so easily who actively destroyed our society with these laws. It’s a form of mercy I haven’t learned

  2. TheAngryAmericanwon on

    Sure those people should be imprisoned for destroying our country with these stupid law’s, but to be angry about is just not right. You have to be better then them for destroying our freedom, don’t stoop to their level just because you want to get even. Become something the American people like, become someone the American people can put their trust into. I believe in that! what I don’t believe in are these unjust laws that out us or people in prison for smoking a flower or a weed.

  3. TheAngryAmericanwon on

    everything doesn’t have to end in violence, though it would be nice to see the end of these worthless corporate thugs get what they paid for.. I good kick in the ass! Marijuana use to be legal until Nixon decided to make it illegal, Marijuana is not a drug, it is a plant grown naturally to help those who need… Washington and Colorado legalized it because its a stupid law!! If we can get every state to understand its properties, then just maybe the Fed’s would make an act.

  4. SeriouslyPissedOff on

    As obviously correct as this overall message is, I still find this really really weird. All I can think about while watching this fun little video is all of the people incarcerated or in graves at the end of these criminal policies. but it most likely would take a retarded parody like this to convince a few Americans that getting involved in policy making is worthwhile. If they had shot the lobbyists with those set guns and then hung the DEA agents by their ears then I might feel better about it

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