The Kevin Nealon Show – Michael Kvamme

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July 31, 2011
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August 1, 2011

The Kevin Nealon Show - Michael KvammeMichael Kvamme, creator of Funny or Die & host of our Fresh Faces show, tours his college’s fraternities on the Kevin Nealon Show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more exclusive videos of Michael & Kevin on Follow us http Like us


  1. wwwawsomedotcom says:

    somewhat funny

  2. sexykatie911 says:

    TheLaughFactory my msn in profile! The Kevin Nealon Show – Michael Kvamme

  3. bubblgummer4 says:

    have you ever heard of senator free bag of weed?

  4. InmerHernandez says:

    He’s got Confidence oh yes he does>:]

  5. DM3062 says:

    the guy is funny and even tho he stuttered some, I think he was still pretty funny
    he just needs to get more used to it and he’ll be set

  6. kileea95 says:

    …he’s got confidence. LOL

  7. Mamonuth says:

    First time i hear this guy and i like him.

  8. TheLaughFactory says:

    @IronAndSteelTilDeath Michael just got on Twitter too: @Michaellikeyou

  9. RoyalRamirez says:

    He has potential.

  10. amcc4 says:

    this kid is funny – looking forward to seeing him again

  11. sr038 says:

    What do you mean “Potential” date rapists

  12. sportsman214 says:

    what fraternity? Sounded like the stereotype for Pi Kappa Alpha lol … Im in that

  13. TheCaldwel says:

    Some of my friend on
    told me about this. Really nice.

  14. frickfrock999 says:

    He’s pretty decent.
    All he needs to do it cut out the “Uh” in between his lines and he’d be perfect!

  15. TheLaughFactory says:

    @twileyao Yes he is the host of our Fresh Faces show!

  16. IronAndSteelTilDeath says:

    I’ve always wanted to know this guy’s name. I see him as the announcer all the time. He’s quite funny! 😀

  17. GarciaTHPS says:


  18. electricmaster23 says:

    nice BRO

  19. signupsigma says:

    the girls in the audience are HOT.

  20. MirkotheGreat says:

    i hate having to decide what type of duche bang i wanna be.

  21. Cycycycyk says:


  22. twileyao says:

    wasn’t this guy the announcer? he’s good =D

  23. ethanriverae33 says:

    this guys pretty funny never seen his skit before

  24. Jesse23364631 says:

    Anotation@:33 *laughter

    You’re welcome B]