The Kevin Nealon Show – Michael Kvamme


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The Kevin Nealon Show - Michael KvammeMichael Kvamme, creator of Funny or Die & host of our Fresh Faces show, tours his college’s fraternities on the Kevin Nealon Show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. See more exclusive videos of Michael & Kevin on Follow us http Like us

24 comments on “The Kevin Nealon Show – Michael Kvamme

  1. DM3062 on

    the guy is funny and even tho he stuttered some, I think he was still pretty funny
    he just needs to get more used to it and he’ll be set

  2. frickfrock999 on

    He’s pretty decent.
    All he needs to do it cut out the “Uh” in between his lines and he’d be perfect!

  3. IronAndSteelTilDeath on

    I’ve always wanted to know this guy’s name. I see him as the announcer all the time. He’s quite funny! 😀

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