The Five Wants To Know If Bill Maher Has Turned Conservative – liberals you could actually lose me

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March 26, 2013
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The Five Wants To Know If Bill Maher Has Turned Conservative -  liberals you could actually lose me3/18/13 – Last Friday on Real Time, Bill Maher proclaimed, “liberals, you could actually lose me.” And Fox News’ The Five has taken notice. The hosts dissect…


  1. JimmyGetYourGun61 says:

    Sadly, Mr. Maher it is too late for you. You’ve made your bed with the leeches, now you have to sleep with the blood suckers…

  2. Hirnlego999 says:

    Umh no, he won’t become a conservative, he’s not an idiot.

  3. dantro78 says:

    More raunchy sex talk…shocking…

    Seriously, something happened to you sexually, I know it did. People don’t carry on and on like this unless they have serious hangups about sexuality. Were you abused? Were you humiliated during a sexual encounter? I know you’re damaged emotionally. Are you abusive towards women, too?

  4. MOJO89OTDT says:

    I’m well aware about context editing. The saving of michelle, McCain’s town hall, Romney “black cloud”, Zimmerman 911 edit, Sandy Hook father & audience. Your outrage is extremely selective. You’re simply another whiney, liberal pussy that has been OWNED!!!!! OWNED!!!!!!

  5. MOJO89OTDT says:

    Actually my comment was stating that liberals are NEVER held to their word, and that the hypocrisy of the left is shameful. “Beat Up” is inaccurate as all liberals are pussies, the men more so than the women, and are simply not capable. Wasn’t bitching, simply stating the truth. Your reply (bitching) indicates your Kotex needs changing. I’ll bet your nose bleeds every 28 days! If you were in front of me you’d get a garden variety slap in your face. So go gargle with vinegar& water, bitch!

  6. ikram505 says:

    what else did he say, theyre obviously cherry picking, its actually funny how they cut him off. And you know what unlike the retarded conservatives liberals can disagree with some things cause they have a mind of their own but conservatives would never disagree with republicans they treat them like gods that never do anything bad which is complete crap since they have ppl like Bush and Sarah Palin

  7. prophetofgreed says:

    The Five: “What an idiot!”

    Coming from them, that isn’t saying much.

  8. meryl stoic says:

    “lefty president” Are you on crack?

  9. fraNK james says:

    OMG, these ass clowns make me proud to be a democrat

  10. MOJO89OTDT says:

    Liberal pussy on his mommy’s ‘puter!!! LOL!!! However I would do you the favor of providing you the bitch beat down you seem to need. Compassionate has never described me. There are certain people(pussies in your case) that tell me I’m right by their disapproval. I guess that’s your purpose, other than contributing to the male “product” economy. I’m sure you have some waxing, highlighting, or exfoliating to do. You probably also think you look good in pink! LOL!! PUSSY!

  11. MOJO89OTDT says:

    OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Living rent free in your little head. There’s lots of room in here, wonder what’s missing!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  12. KOW254 says:

    Conservatives are scum.

  13. Petia Petkov says:

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  14. James K says:

    Liberals are born losers

  15. Dangerous Elf says:

    I’d give my next paycheck to be able to drop a live grenade right in the middle of this table; but since I don’t have a grenade………have to put up with small-minded assholes.

  16. Oliver2KX says:

    yes i mean it, nobody can believe about this quickly. the thing is, i’ve been getting paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy. if you wanna try just try now:

  17. jflsnh says:

    But to their “content”, in a microcosm of the slow process of coming to terms with their own identity, these Republicans can look for mirrors of themselves among “liberals” in hopes that they’ll find validation for the growing distance between themselves and the American public, but Republicans need to cast that gaze at themselves and take action if they hope to return to conservatism and public acceptance.

  18. ikram505 says:

    lol moron, they can edit it to take 1 thing but cut out the rest of what he said, dont worry Bill Maher wont be a republican any time soon. And I dont watch MSNBS I watch CNN, unlike you dumb fucks that consider FOX a legitimate news station. And the fact that you called him Barry says a lot, dumb teabagger

  19. dantro78 says:

    The rich pay the majority of taxes because they control the majority of wealth.  The richest 400 Americans hold more wealth than half of all Americans combined.

    What, do you think Romney didn’t show his taxes because he was afraid people would see the high taxes he paid? Then you have the fuckers like that who have figured out how to game the system, the way you wish you could. You’re a joke. The rich pay high taxes because THERE’S NOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS TO FOOT THE BILL!!

  20. meryl stoic says:

    let maher look at the babies in iraq that were affected with depleted uranium

  21. MOJO89OTDT says:

    Oscar Whiskey November Echo Delta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now get back to scrubbing my shitter!

  22. luvpupster1 says:

    Arrogance and Hypocrisy are still in abundance in Left Loon Town, USA — , no worries, it’s cheap and tax free, albeit taxing on the minds of those with common sense, ( a commodity of the right, and a rarity for the left) Sorry Beckel, he’s still the mouthpiece for your team. The Home Team won’t take him, we’re Pro-USA.

  23. MOJO89OTDT says:

    Yeah!!!!!! They should just run his whole show. It’s not like they have time constraints or anything!!! Brilliant criticism!!! BTW, edited for time is different than edited for content/context. Liberals NEVER do that though, do they? MSNBC or NBC has never been criticized for selective edits, huh???? Douche! Now go parrot barry’s talking points!

  24. dantro78 says:

    Do you represent the ‘compassionate conservatism’ that Bush spoke of while running in 2000? Liberals are pussies? Nah, conservatives just talk a big game, but they don’t actually have the balls big enough to run the country successfully. You’re a mark for talk radio and Fox News, that’s all. You’re yet another fine example of why conservatives lost the 2012 election. It’s not the media’s fault, it’s your fault for being a bunch of assholes. Now, go take a shit with your pants on.

  25. meryl stoic says:

    let the conservatives have him. he’s shallow and really is not that bright concerning abstract thinking.

  26. redsoxws2010 says:

    Maher has always said that tax money is being spent on things we dont need, and has always been making jokes about the nyc soda laws. This is just fox manufacturing another story out of thin air.

  27. zebsherrill77 says:

    Liberals? You mean morons. Im so clever haha

  28. dantro78 says:

    It’s funny how hateful you are. In reality, you’re just a guy who never took responsibility for the mistakes you made in life and your careless, thoughtless decisions.

    You’re just a con-man who is upset because you’ve failed to game the system. You spend your time trying to concoct get rich quick schemes. It’s so true; I know your type. You’re the kind of guy who’s so insecure that you insist that no one can tell you shit, and then you blow your life savings on bad investments. Psychopath.

  29. theback bencher says:

    Folks,Bill Mahr does not get to start defending capitalism and freedom after he smashed it for years and was part of the shameless media that covered for Obama…have a spine Mahr and stand by your own positions because you are not welcome on this side of the aisle.His audience is to dumb to care so they will follow along with whatever he said…fuck you bill…sure you understand that…

  30. hilofhel says:

    stupidest talking point ever. he said he’d pay his fair share but thought 75 percent was too high and said iraq is standing when he thought it wouldn’t be. he still said it doesn’t justify the war though.

  31. dantro78 says:

    Oh, stop bitching already. Quit acting like conservatives are always getting beat up by liberals and have to dish it out twice as hard.

  32. jflsnh says:

    “They must have started taxing prostitutes”, then “After all the vitriole, after all the trashing of conservatives”; thus sayeth the hypocrites.

  33. backdoor68 says:

    have you tried grape? Yum!

  34. Fattness123 says:

    Fox news is such a joke. Hope people can’t see through this crap amazes me.

  35. MrLeapingnomb says:

    Note that he said, “I just found out…” what an idiot.

  36. dantro78 says:

    “The Iraq war worked.”

    Why, because it’s a country? Not really. We were lied into war by the neo-cons, lost American lives…for what? You realize that you’re living in the slim minority, right? You think there’s stability in the region?

    I don’t have a problem with Maher expressing descent over high taxation or Iraq or Big Gulp drinks. It’s just funny how conservatives like you are so desperate for ammunition against the left that you push every little clip like it’s going out of stock.

  37. Chuck C says:

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  38. purdudan says:

    Wow, a Republican that believes in the scientific method. How interesting.

  39. dantro78 says:

    You’re so crazy and/or stupid you can’t even respond to the correct person. I think you were responding to me, but then, I’ve never been one to decipher the rantings of a lunatic.

    And it’s all too clear from your sex lingo name-calling that you have serious issues with women. Hell, that’s probably why you’re a conservative, so you can support legislation that makes the world a more dangerous place for females.

    You’re a zero at life, and your party is falling apart because of loons like you.

  40. backdoor68 says:

    he’s changed his mind about bush too – when he was sitting there for 7 minutes, or longer – he was really in deep decision making mode – and emerged with a stellar plan! good for all of humankind!

  41. furiousmat says:

    Well Bill Maher has been a libertarian forever. Only reason he has been bashing the right is because the right in America is totally dumb. Left or right, people should endorse a society project that would benefit to everyone. The essence of the debate is “how to get there”. Conservatives and right wingers of the pre-Reagan era would kill themselves if they were to see what politic has become in this country nowadays

  42. hilofhel says:

    too obvious trolling. scale it back a tad, will ya?

  43. Hoschi0913 says:

    seems like Bill Maher doesnt want to pay his “fair share” as he himself and the people on the same political side like him wants all others to pay,guess he realized that his “friends” now come for his money

  44. dantro78 says:

    Bill is not speaking out on taxation, wise guy. He’s saying that he, for his tax bracket, is paying alot, and he’s probably right. How do you think he feels about Mitt Romney paying 13% in taxes? Do you think Bill favors Oil companies getting tax breaks? This is conservative logic at work: Pick a statement from someone on the left and twist it in an attempt to make yourself look good. Nice try, Fox.

  45. Chev Chelios says:

    bill maher is just employing the scientific method here, in science u get credit for falsifying yourself, simple as that, he is not a politician. thats why i like bill maher even though i consider myself total reaganite.

  46. myHome109 says:

    Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share, next year all those in Hollywood with premium healthcare are going to get stuck with a huge tax bill because those premium healthcare plan are taxable income according to Obamacare. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share – Pay Your Fair Share, Go to SEIU website to find out how much taxes you must pay on your healthcare insurance premium considered income taxable.

  47. MOJO89OTDT says:

    The rich really do pay the freight..CA taxes are outrageous..The Iraq war worked..Liberals never met a regulation they didn’t like! Maher’s words, my sentiments. BOOM!! OWNED!!! You should be scolding HIM, I’ve felt that way all along. Maybe you’ll run into him at the beauty shop. When you get up off your knees and wipe off your face, you can give HIM a piece of your mind (small piece). Little hint..”in reply to” is a good indicator! I now KNOW I’m in your little head. That’s OWNED confirmation.

  48. f1jeh2313hj1b31 says:

    Bill Maher and the Kenyan Barak Obama are filthy homosexual communists. Thank God for the common sense of Fox news

  49. andrew trousdale says:

    Maher calls things as he sees them. His main priority is to be funny, which he is most of the time. This looks like he had bit of a reality check, so what’s the big deal here?

  50. Wulfdane says:

    Bill Maher claims himself to be a Libertarian, so his comments are not surprising.