March 22, 2013
Why marijuana is bad. Dls project
March 22, 2013

THE BUTTHURT BOTThe internet is full of sensitive people who get super butthurt over trivial disagreements, something you find out pretty quick if you like sharing your opin…


  1. Bryndon Milton says:

    You stupid fuck!!!!!!!

  2. 0llril says:

    There used to it

  3. Weston Hovald says:

    That would make a funny episode.

  4. TheJohnyBrown says:

    yes .. “Fear” … cough*

  5. Monut100 says:

    he probably doesnt have any neighbors because they all moved away out of fear

  6. MegaBumblebee21 says:

    like if yall see that woman in the back

  7. Courtney10000000 says:

    Pause at 0:26

  8. TheLastVampireChild says:

    The color of his kitchen kills me….Is it Lime green or Emerald…MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND GREEN!!!!! >=?

  9. englishsmoshfan says:

    Same with Smosh

  10. AkatsukiLoverX3 says:

    Yeah..So if you could go kill yourself..? XD

  11. wonkabo says:

    why cant he just be funny.

  12. Mason Williams says:

    Best Onision video ever.xD <3 People who dislike'd just can't handle the truth!

  13. lviohiuoreti says:

    The Dislikes are all from those suffering from Butthurt………………

  14. MrTnasuicide101 says:

    Ha I saw your girlfriend in the background on the computer lol

  15. virus3417 says:

    panda god is my favorite 🙂

  16. foopdadoo says:

    Butthurt is spreading all over the world….
    We must stop it…..

  17. englishsmoshfan says:


  18. Rachel Burns says:

    i think he just likes to take off his clothes.

  19. Mia Nurka says:

    Wtf is with SweetPink Bunnys comment ? Hahahahahhahahahahahhaa

  20. riversings says:

    I was wondering the same thing when I saw that scene, lol

  21. TheTmejia345 says:

    I See Lainey On The Computer In The Backround..

  22. Lone Wolf says:

    Someone came dressed up as that “bot” to my cousins’ school O_O

  23. bodatot says:

    lol i love this vid 🙂

  24. Richard Montiel says:

    Is this another anonymous diss

  25. kimmyballerina6 says:


  26. BabyAnimations says:

    oooooooh jezuz

  27. HoppingTrains s says:

    All of this guys videos are about people being upset by his videos and him telling them how much he doesn’t care that they think he’s an idiotic douche.


  28. XDnumbersnlettersXD says:

    Dale is my favorite character :3

  29. Didymus Leonheart says:

    Are you seriously confused as to why people think you’re an idiot when you say stupid crap like, “emo’s only want attention” or that you think that people who cut themselves do it for attention which ultimately allows me to logically deduce myself to see a common theme here. ATTENTION! Are you projecting, moron?

    You ARE DUMB. You don’t understand anything. People aren’t butthurt. They just want you to stop spewing your nonsensical garbage on the internet.

  30. SweetPink Bunny says:

    Hey xchrystax Greg’s going to block u for stating ur opinion. Btw do any on know if lamey still in school or did Greg make her drop out 🙂

  31. vincent tran says:


  32. Vippeh Valentine says:

    Oh yus that banana sexiness, huh what? oh i didn’t say anything.

  33. Richard Coltman says:

    Onision instant classic

  34. shanna123ify says:

    ButthurtBot: YOU LOOK LIKE A PENIS!!!! (runs away screaming)
    Me: Hmmm so that’s how computers scream.

  35. jmanc3 says:

    Your so Butthurt about people being butthurt.
    We must stop it -_-

  36. Jennie Stiches says:

    2:01 random person in back… XD

  37. john menjes says:

    4:06 to 4:13 lmao

  38. Gabrielle Bozman says:

    omg thats hilarious

  39. littleton6370 says:

    I want the banana

  40. Xavier Sallie says:

    Mock god again and I swear u woold regret it

  41. Stephanie Hadley says:

    It’s funny because Onision is the most butthurt person on the internet.

  42. TheJohnyBrown says:

    Greg , this is the best robot acting ever !

  43. Jake Smith says:

    i dont see emo as a style of music or a lifestyle. i see it as a style of fasion in a seance.

  44. Joseph Grey says:

    Hahahq it’s their choice to watch the video XD sometime I wonder how stupid People are XD

  45. ark aguinaldo says:

    uh violence dumbnes stupidity violence again i dont have anything except lower the violence pls

  46. Tanase Maia Sabourin says:

    Do not said retard that is offensive that it lol

  47. EliteAceOfSpadesTV says:

    Woah Onision Should make a series about ButtHurt Bot!
    I love this video,Make more!

  48. AlisaKeroro says:

    Haha, that’s funny, because people butthurt with lava poop about homophobes. Especially straight girls.

  49. Rachel Kennedy says:

    0:59 Was that a censored penis?

  50. littleton6370 says:

    He is so hot