TeeJayFlow – Sex game so amazing (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)

Oregon outdoor 2011 Medical Marijuana day 35ish
September 23, 2011
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September 24, 2011

TeeJayFlow - Sex game so amazing (Prod. by Johnny Juliano)Song off my “Welcome to The Underground” Mixtape sex game so amazing, hustle hard, ace hood, that good, Lyrics, of, my, life, bun B everything I need I’m on drake false claimer get ya AK got ya fix Lose your mind Johnny Juliano Don’t get me started produced by JRum from two worlds foot…


  1. aftertouchbeatz says:

    track is dope man, check out AfterTouchBeatz*com, all the beats are free; would be great if you jumped on one of them man!

  2. christreeborn says:

    I shit gold, nigga! This shit’s shit!

  3. TeeJayFlowTV says:

    @Zacharythelegend Why’d you delete your comment electrode face?

  4. TeeJayFlowTV says:

    @jtberry7 Well it’s a good thing I don’t give a shit about singing then isn’t it. You can’t even connect the dots in analogies and you’re trying to judge someone else, haha. I don’t need to use your shit I can come up with everything I need by myself thanks. I suggest you just stop wasting both our time.