Tallow Farm – Episode 1

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January 29, 2012
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January 30, 2012

Tallow Farm - Episode 1Visit for more games, cartoons, videos, and everything related to Happy Wacky Tallow Farm. – Happy Wacky Tallow Farm – What would you do if you knew you were sitting around waiting to die? Meet the farm animals who know that they are going to be turned into glue, so they live their lives in drunken, drug-filled insanity. Nothing is safe when Quackers, Oinkers, Buns, Doc, and Warty try to rule the farm and stay away from Murder Bear. With tons of other animals popping in and ou


  1. smileycrew says:

    @Joephort Let’s just say Episode 2 is called “The Giving Head”, and I have already shot the footage.

  2. Joephort says:

    Nice!  The sequel should be what Quackers sees after smoking the ship.