Synthetic Marijuana Sending Thousands Of People To Hospitals


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Synthetic Marijuana Sending Thousands Of People To HospitalsFrom: Please like PigMine’s FaceBook page here: Subscribe to

14 comments on “Synthetic Marijuana Sending Thousands Of People To Hospitals

  1. NewtonFinn on

    This is REALLY dangerous stuff! Take heed pot smokers! I’ve personally witness people have seizures and foam from the mouth after smoking this! DO NOT TRY THIS!

  2. HorrorAngel666 on

    Love how everyone thinks this news is true and questions everything else. Probably the same people who think marijuana will kill you like the jew govt and their Jewlywood told us with refer madness.
    I’ve smoked it, and I didn’t get sick or high or nothin. You could smoke real green if the zionist cults didn’t want to kill and enslave everyone for profit jeebus.

  3. ThinkerOnTheBus on

    That’s right kiddies!!!! If you’re going to Puff, Puff naturally! Smoke the real stuff, Marijuana!!! Food, Fiber, or Herbs = always Natural, never Synthetic!!!

  4. chachacHELLFIRE on

    Maybe that’s too wordy, I’ll rephrase… The gov’t, the media, they are not to blame for our collective ignorance. Who do you listen to your percieved peers or someone as an outsider, whose older and not apart of your culture? We as citizens, do all the so-called brainwashing and stratification FOR them on this and other social media outlets. In my opinion.

  5. HorrorAngel666 on

    Is there even a link to a shred of facts? Lets link to the zombie face eater whom was on bath salts, then marijuana was found in his system, then nothing. Lets get real, these news outlets are scam artist trying to take over the nation.

  6. Kurk Michalczewski on

    I doubt the brain damage was caused by smoking fake pot… common sense dictates that good-looking individuals never do any of that crap by themselves… but in a group. i have never once seen this happen to anyone i know.

  7. th86stone on

    uuhhh 1:13 it plainly reads “potpourri” at the top left ! You don’t smoke potpourri you idiots. Some dumb ass seen the word pot in POTpourri smoked some, asphyxiated themselves, and though they got high And peer pressured others to think the same thing. morons.
    Where did anyone get the term “synthetic marijuana? They pulled it out their ass.

  8. chachacHELLFIRE on

    No need for some of those statements. Zionists are extremeists. “Jew gov’t and jewlywood” just isn’t true, which is ironic as your statement professes people to seek truth. You know, there are some seriously uneducated North-American pot-smoking citizens who love to be followers of proud, articulate potsmokers on youtube, moreso than the Gov’t can do successfuly.

    And lastly, I thought pot was supposed to make ppl peaceful and loving not rude and racist. Maybe you’re smoking the wrong shit.

  9. Roland Medve on

    Why they let it put it in the shops, before they examine in laboratories? Like sell a. Milk and after a few people die from that milk than they do a check up ? Ostoba nepseg

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