Skydiving Roaches – Episode 1

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Skydiving Roaches - Episode 1In this episode, a depressed Kelly stuggles to lose his virginity, his two friends do all they can to help him. Please comment and give us feedback, brought to you by Plush .357 Don’t for get to share it with your friends! Thanks. Enjoy! Corey

50 comments on “Skydiving Roaches – Episode 1

  1. abcrane on

    it’s called “effective keywords”
    they must not have searchable keywords or something, because this is funny!

  2. Ohigho2005 on

    Never deleted any comments. positive or negative. I appreciate all criticism. dunno what happened to it. sorry. thnx

  3. abcrane on

    very excellent–my friend believes that Roaches are the messengers of GOD–they are the toughest insects that stand alone, they do not need to travel in numbers for security, and their antennas are always twitching like sending messages–we have a “no kill policy” for the critters and build them a little hotel instead (or redirect them to the neighbors) they are perfect subject matter for cartoons
    this is great cartoon and made our day!

  4. fearlesswonder101 on

    they shoud make this download able
    i would love this on my phone this is the shit!!!!

  5. barackonigga on

    this is Bananas. entirely… best theme song since Sanford and son lmao.. please make another:

  6. RayKoefoed on

    You guys have a lot of talent. You really should post some links to your videos on some forums or something to get the attention you deserve.

  7. Breakinankles99 on

    “My dad plays baseball and your dads a crackhead, so whatcha gotta say about that?” lmao

  8. yatt555 on

    @Giblets12 Lol u guys are funny as hell, say that to a black persons face… in real life

  9. lis880 on

    shit give it a lil time you might be the next juggernaut bitch.Definitely cant wait for the next one.

  10. Ohigho2005 on

    yeah i just switched them around hopefully it works out more! know any bulletins or forums i can put it on?

  11. Telishaiscool on

    OMG this was so funny and real !! man u got to make more…lol come check out my videos just type in telishaiscool… WARNING there GHETTO !!!!!!!

  12. agnamdbuckshot on

    why arent the views on these videos in the millions there classic adult swim material lol

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