Sessions: Be Wary Of Immigration Deal That Favors Large Companies Over US Workers


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Sessions: Be Wary Of Immigration Deal That Favors Large Companies Over US WorkersSen. Sessions delivered remarks on the Senate floor over how an immigration deal might affect US workers.

8 comments on “Sessions: Be Wary Of Immigration Deal That Favors Large Companies Over US Workers

  1. nanainbama on

    what does this have to do with what Sen Sessions is talking about? He said nothing about racism or bigotry.

  2. EuropeanPride20x on

    Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history. Yet no one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end “racism”. They only Demand this of White countries.

    This is the common ground on which anti-Whites say we must all agree:

    What is non-White belongs to non-Whites. What is White also belongs to non-Whites.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  3. mrhulot101 on

    It is nice to have at least one Senator in the senate that is on the side of working Americans when it comes to immigration.
    I wish other states had similar leaders and true representatives like Sen Sessions.

  4. nanainbama on

    I am in favor of defending our borders and getting immigrants in our country legally. Send the illegals home and let them come here legally just like we would have to go to other countries legally. That just makes sense. Unless your a politician.
    As far as supporting Senator Sessions. He’s let us down with the vote to end the cloture with Hagel. We will see if he sticks to what comes out of his mouth once again.

  5. james bills on

    Dannels said that border police also face the sinister reality that the cartels have spies within US law enforcement who feed information south and facilitate crime.

    “They’re embedded in our communities. They’re also embedded into our government agencies, as secretaries, working in our jails,” he said. “We just had a detention officer arrested six months ago with a load of marijuana. He works right within our public safety umbrella. That’s scary to me. Very scary.”

  6. DELLISTX on

    Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile
    Sessions Please look into this and HALT this before it gets started…. these tanks will be used against us…… Help stop this mad man obama….

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