Schapelle Corby – Victa has just released a new model lawnmower. It’s called the Schapelle

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May 24, 2011
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May 24, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Victa has just released a new model lawnmower. It's called the SchapelleThere is only support for the family among their commercial neighbours – anger that media coverage has begun to question the past of family members, abhorrence about the break-in two weeks ago at the shop when the front window was smashed and the till emptied of five-cent coins, and disbelief that someone could have stolen the tin on the counter which held $400 in donations for the Schapelle Corby appeal. Schapelle jokes are doing the rounds on the Gold Coast. “What sign does the Corby family ha


  1. hozehd says:

    fuck Indonesia

  2. TheOioink says:

    looking at those photos half the jail fuck her already.

  3. outwest34au says:

    She has that cum hither look about her.
    I’d rather do her than do time.

  4. paddycake5201 says:

    ok bro,your going to have to fill me in on who this gal is..

  5. TheOioink says:

    Schapelle Corby – look up the name. She’s doing 20yrs for drug running into indonesia – bali

  6. LouisDaPimp says:

    fuck that drug running sheila- she did the crime and couldn’t do the time. if u think she didnt do it then stop smokin drugs and start reading books cause u r just as retarded as she is