Roast of Justin Bieber – Martha Stewart – Making Brownies with Snoop Dogg

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March 20, 2015
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March 20, 2015

Every since Martha Stewart tried Snoop Dogg’s special brownies, she’s been hooked. The #BieberRoast premieres March 30 at 10/9c.


  1. Denzel Parkingsons says:

    Why is this convicted felon talking about doing pot brownies with Snoop

  2. cokerockstop2 says:

    Every youtube video, people bitching. People Bitch, it’s what they do. I
    don’t like it but I don’t give a fuck if they do. 

  3. Mikey Ferger says:

    and 8 like lests go

  4. Outer Heaven says:

    Nothing ruins a roast like getting a painfully unfunny old person just
    because they’re famous and gonna get views.

  5. Trippze says:

    why the fuck is she here, she’s not funny

  6. William XIV Greenleaf says:

    hahah that was actually kind of good

  7. TheRapist!! says:

    Good, a woman who knows how to do comedy for women…in the kitchen!

  8. Mikey Ferger says:

    3 comment

  9. Meesta kevin says:


  10. PJ GAMER says:

    2nd comment 

  11. ESYMFB says:

    prison changes people…

  12. 木頭 says:


  13. Juuzou Suzuya says:

    Gotta love dem kush cakes

  14. TheCajunbrazin says:

    She looks like she just had one . 

  15. Sports Highlights says:

    Search Malik daghash football on YouTube u will be amazed he’s like
    marshawn lynch he deserves a scholarship