Quits Drinking, Gets Stoned Legally

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April 25, 2015
عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
April 25, 2015

Killing 2 stones with one bird. follow me on twitter (@theSHOENICE) , snapchat (shoenice4life), Instagram (shoeniceonyoutube), Vine (SHOENICE), and Pinterest MY LIFE ON VICE …


  1. Iforgotmypassoword says:

    “i turn in to marge simpson” hahaha nailed it

  2. Max Ortiz says:

    Bro your shits just getting better and better!! Blaze up:D FTW

  3. krazed98 says:

    Hey shoe nice I was in Iraq in 2005.. medicate and meditate brother.. keep
    it up your the shit fo sho mofo 

  4. SHOENICE says:

    An easy way to quit drinking in Denver is don’t walk by liquor stores

  5. ValorPictures says:

    Damn it’s legal but not as legal where you can light up on your break at

  6. Ben Dover says:


  7. MovieTrailerParody says:

    you wanna know what’s hard? quitting drinking. You wanna know what’s easy?
    quitting drinking while you smoke dope. i support you bro but you’re not
    clean from booze until you don’t smoke dope. that said, smokin dope is the
    way to go. its medicine. don’t drink poison, smoke medicine

  8. 1spore2 says:

    Big fan of the strain reviews. Dankyaw

  9. Nipple Twists says:

    Kill two stones with one bird LMAO

  10. smogo says:

    ”You’re really gonna swallow tonight” loooooool

  11. Jamass11 says:

    Well done on Giving up the Drink! Proud of you son!

  12. Alec Baynes says:

    You don’t sound like a little girl laughing………you sound like a little
    pig laughing

  13. Dom Lang says:


  14. al whits says:

    Can you eat an ounce and film an aftermath video?

  15. swillhindley says:

    Nice video Shoe!!! Love your strain reviews! Keep up the good work! You the

  16. Gabriel Luciano says:

    Are u inhaling the same time you are taking a hit? FUCK THAT

  17. sam z says:

    fe is iron u mofo

  18. Кирилл Осетров says:


  19. Trent Fogg says:

    Periodic table, not table of contents. Dumbass. 

  20. james gochenour says:

    After all those chugging videos I’m surprised you’re not blind.

  21. Rebecka says:

    Shoe you’re nuts! XD

  22. jack dunerz says:

    Shoenice your laugh is the best

  23. nicholes lee says:

    buy me weed sho:Pyou are the most famous youtuber ever:P

  24. Wiley Wheatley says:

    Are you homeless again shoenice 

  25. I R Spankz says:

    Are you high?

    [ ] Yes

    [no] No

  26. mark m says:

    i like the high shoenice better than the sloppy drunk one

  27. YaBoyBeevuh says:

    Best strain review ever, stay elevated Shoenice! DANK U

  28. Jamie Megress says:


  29. Hostile Gun says:

    Don’t look…

    You looked. Just go ahead and like this comment

  30. Tickle My Bollocks says:

    Ive tickled my balls to all your videos SHOENICE^^
    I love your Laugh! and your slight split personality style of talking, you
    is Great! keep doin what you dooooo n get high as a kite 24/7, Im still an
    alcoholic and smoke weed Hehehehehehe <3 <3
    Make more Weed review Vids! Add Different strains record your self in HD
    Smoking Hella amount of weed till your PIE EYED! (O)_(O) + Viewers love
    them Weed Vids!

  31. Shaun Gerrard says:

    Shot Shoenice. Weed is better for you than hard liquor any day. Ever eaten
    a whole bud?

  32. Missy says:

    You do cough a lot when you smoke weed. I thought only newbies coughed..

  33. Tinger23 says:

    2 weeks later posts a liquor chug lol

  34. Macdadz67 says:

    lol the over use of “either way”

  35. 60secondclip says:

    right on bud!! get high everyday like me lol and I play hockey just fine

  36. Amplified Hearing says:

    You should adopt hash oil instead, it’s a lot better in potency and bang
    for buck compared to smoking weed, you tried it yourself you know how
    strong it is. And you also vaporize instead of smoking, lot more healthy
    for you!

    You can get a battery charged portable device for it that can do over a
    hundred hit from a cartridge.

  37. iaai says:

    shoe shine, unfortunately today i’m not commenting about you eating the dog
    shit.. but today april 24, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the armenian
    genocide that took place on april 24, 1915 by the ottoman turks… i ( as
    well as other armenians) would greatly appreciate if you would upload a
    video of recognizing this with us. do your research, but help get the word
    out.. obama is a liar. and turkey is guilt….

  38. The420Unicorn says:

    Let me smoke that and have your babies

  39. topday says:

    yo shoe, glad you’re giving it a go to stop drinking. you got plenty of fan
    support and wish you best. try to keep your will strong brotha!

  40. Spacialmusic says:

    Love this chance! ♡

  41. 0nzer0 says:

    Smoke weed everyday nigga

  42. FrankFilthy _Tv says:

    Eat the weed.

  43. Josh Olsen says:

    I dare you to eat an entire pineapple the outside and all haha

  44. acuff825 says:

    Shoe if I ever come to Denver I’m just gona ask around or scream your name
    down the streets till I find you so we can get stoned. Cause then I can say
    I got stoned with shoenice.

  45. Toke Lindgren says:

    Shoenice. visit christiania, you would love it. Copenhagen would love you.
    glad u just smoke weed now, google christiania

  46. Awada Orange says:

    Hi Shoenice, long time no talk!

  47. StonersRWeed says:

    Shoenice iv asked for shoutouts for over a year now and uv said yes every
    time, but have never gotten too it, but i ask again now that u are trying
    to do weed videos please give me a shoutout, i work non stop on my videos
    for absolutely no credit, but i guarantee im the king of the ganj just need
    a shot to get my name out there , cheers man and i hope the flowers treat
    you well

  48. deadlegzzzgaming says:

    Fe is Iron, shoenice im one of your nicest fans and dab super good quality
    dabs and you should be nicer to me and shout me out and we shoud smoke

  49. tennismediadynamics says:

    Check out my company JUJU JOINTS. We were featured on CNN today. Big money

  50. Ben Thompson says:

    you know wahlberg smokes the green