Quits Drinking, Gets Stoned Legally, Asks Mark Wahlberg for job.

Final Review of Hulk Nutrient With Cannatonic Marijuana Strain
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

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  1. Jamass11 says:

    Well done on Giving up the Drink! Proud of you son!

  2. nicholes lee says:

    buy me weed sho:Pyou are the most famous youtuber ever:P

  3. Cassie S says:


  4. Iforgotmypassoword says:

    “i turn in to marge simpson” hahaha nailed it

  5. Hostile Gun says:

    Don’t look…

    You looked. Just go ahead and like this comment

  6. mark m says:

    i like the high shoenice better than the sloppy drunk one

  7. BallinComedy says:


  8. FrankFilthy _Tv says:

    Eat the weed.

  9. ORENGEcarot says:

    Lol man i wish i could smoke some weed with you

  10. krazed98 says:

    Hey shoe nice I was in Iraq in 2005.. medicate and meditate brother.. keep
    it up your the shit fo sho mofo 

  11. Medrano Productions says:

    Are you really 46? You look 28..
    More of the aftermath next time.

  12. Amplified Hearing says:

    You should adopt hash oil instead, it’s a lot better in potency and bang
    for buck compared to smoking weed, you tried it yourself you know how
    strong it is. And you also vaporize instead of smoking, lot more healthy
    for you!

    You can get a battery charged portable device for it that can do over a
    hundred hit from a cartridge.

  13. dogbag1 says:

    you’re a great actor! I thought you really were upset about a fake lottery

  14. Jaylyn Too Turnt says:

    BRAVO!! Lol.

  15. Daniel Zhang says:

    dank u

  16. Nate Johnson says:

    Good for you Shoe, Goodluck

  17. McCarthee says:

    Good luck staying off the drink shoe. Dankyaw

  18. Trent Fogg says:

    Periodic table, not table of contents. Dumbass. 

  19. StonersRWeed says:

    Shoenice iv asked for shoutouts for over a year now and uv said yes every
    time, but have never gotten too it, but i ask again now that u are trying
    to do weed videos please give me a shoutout, i work non stop on my videos
    for absolutely no credit, but i guarantee im the king of the ganj just need
    a shot to get my name out there , cheers man and i hope the flowers treat
    you well

  20. Zack Allen says:

    Love that you went to weed instead of drinking. Weed is what helped me get
    off the norcos and i can’t thank it enough. You should try bruce banner if
    you get a chance :)

  21. Joe Bryant says:

    “The molasses is like going down on Ms. Buttersworth.”
    I love ur one liners Shoey!

  22. Toke Lindgren says:

    Shoenice. visit christiania, you would love it. Copenhagen would love you.
    glad u just smoke weed now, google christiania

  23. robt400 says:

    you have half a million subs and you still have to beg for jobs?

  24. wasdist says:

    smoke trees, don’t get wrapped around one!
    hope you quit the booze for good, shoenice. Keep kickin’ ass out there,

  25. Tinger23 says:

    2 weeks later posts a liquor chug lol

  26. Clouds says:

    Make a bong with that chillum?

  27. Traff Icit says:

    This just in: Shoenice quits the only thing he’s good at. Many unsubs

  28. Ben Thompson says:

    you know wahlberg smokes the green

  29. General HowTo says:

    Fluffy but dense? 

  30. jack dunerz says:

    Shoenice your laugh is the best

  31. Trolls4daLols says:

    Loved it! Subbed!

  32. sam z says:

    fe is iron u mofo

  33. John Oshea says:

    +SHOENICE how are yaaaaw

  34. Stoner Man says:

    These are the videos you need to be making I will always watch these lets
    see a dab 

  35. "pad kid poured curd pulled cod" says:

    Well, that little girl is black…and lungs, and you trying to disguise a
    terminal illness. Try vaping instead.

  36. The420Unicorn says:

    Let me smoke that and have your babies

  37. Maurice Thompson says:

    Post me some weed please lol

  38. Кирилл Осетров says:


  39. Josh Olsen says:

    I dare you to eat an entire pineapple the outside and all haha

  40. jay cee says:

    BASICALLY Im actually happy to see these type vids instead of the liquor
    chugs. The moonshine chug made me drunk watching it lol big ups man keep
    the dream alive 

  41. MyNameIsGhost says:

    Lol fyi to anyone who is against Marijuana, don’t take this guy as an
    example of what weed smokers are. 

  42. xJDMxFLUSHx xRICExKILLERx says:

    Fe is iron