Obama Jokes About Legalizing Marijuana

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Obama Jokes About Legalizing Marijuana

50 comments on “Obama Jokes About Legalizing Marijuana

  1. Zantark on

    @DjPat6 I’m Canadian too, Pot is only a fine under 28 grams (1 oz) in our country. I don’t know what you are complaining about here. We are on our way to legalization in the next 10+ years as long as you our inbred western population stops voting for the Reformist PC Harper government (THEY AREN’T CONSERVATIVE THEY ARE REFOMIST). So give it time and fucking go vote liberal. Please.

  2. BleedingCello on

    I can’t believe I voted for him. The audience was nodding yes when the topic got brought up, and still clapped when he said no….ignorant fuckers “applause” they’d clap at anything. And fact of the matter is, yes, legalization would stimulate the economy.

  3. 1halloweenguy on

    fuck you obama the worlds first BLACK usa president and he dosnt think that legalizing marijauna is good? seriously step the fuck up and legalize it because its good for the planet and good for people and good for our income rates… unless you realize that the govenment is brain washing america and weed is just another way to free your mind…

  4. ScottishPEACEguy on

    what an arrogant cunt he is. and thos dumb bastards in the back. in scotland its more relaxed with weed, if you are searched and found to be in possession then the polis take it but you are not arrested. its not like america, also if scotland go independent from brittain then alot of people here think it will be decriminalized. fingers crossed.

  5. galliott18 on

    unemployment rate in amsterdam and the netherlands is 3.5-4% .. US is at approximately 9.2% .. amsterdam must be doin something right ..

  6. chefbakercook on

    If million of people are smoking pot then why not? It would help the economy because they would tax it (which would suck), and kids wouldn’t be killing themselves trying to get high some other way. And they call it a gateway drug but it’s more of a safe alternative to getting high. If anything I think Marjiuna should be legal, it’s safer than alcohol that’s for sure. But that’s only my opinion.

  7. Jovenbernardt69 on

    Growing the economy is not the only reason why pot should be legal, but also to prevent minors from buying it from the black market.

  8. Sailor231 on

    That was soley for political reasons. deep down obama would love to legalize it. other interview clips have hinted towards this view. That’s what we get for putting a politician in power of a capitalist nation…We need a business man to run this country. We also need this man to be wealthy enough so he cannot be bought. Maybe Trump 2012?

  9. nitrostang50 on

    legalizing pot???-,SAD BUT TRUE,- after his first 6 months in office/and even NOW,- I would have to say its a HELLUVALOT BETTER “strategy” than what he’s got.

  10. neloangelo6661 on

    This makes no sense. Back in the day it was REQUIRED BY LAW for farmers to grow weed and has a near infinite amount of applications. Of course it would help boost the economy. Why doesn’t anyone ever call politicians on their bullshit? You can tell in his face he was bullshitting. That the answer he gave was the answer he was told to give not what he felt. Should say something about the media when politicians can’t even be honest when in public. What reason do we have to trust them then?

  11. lonoekahi on

    why cant we grow our economy thru marijuana damn they built this country on tobacco same smell ah? well not really but its true!

  12. 17Stickman on

    HAHAA Jokes on you dumbass! READ about cannabis and you will soon figure out that legalising it will open up a whole new market? Taking a whole market from gangs and organised crime and putting it under taxes and shiet! A whole new source of income and material. You can make hemp paper, hempoil, hempclothes, hempstring, hempplastic, come on obama read and make up your own opinion! Don´t just listen to those other dumbasses.

  13. GTILOUD on

    @gigi2690 Sorry if I offended you, by faggot I didn’t mean gay person. I meant it in a demeaning way, poor choice of words. I meant that everyone who clapped is a completely retarded imbecile, who don’t even have a clue why their clapping.

  14. ZTM420 on

    well you dont seem to know a good strategy for helping the economy Mr President, its been the most popular question every time you do that youtube interview crap,why doesnt the US legalize pot ? On your “change”list the most popular issue was legalizing pot. Since the government wont listen to the people,we the people should not listen to the government.

  15. diballynibally on

    booo that man and boooooo to the crowd for joking about such a serious issue as this

  16. Ratclifff on

    The worst thing is how he just laughs it off! He makes a joke out of it? Tell that joke to all those weed smokers in jail who never hurt anyone!


    Obama you asshole, laugh at the most important question the Americans have and say NO, do you realize how versatile and important this plant is to our economy

  18. myfreepaysite1 on

    notice how no one challenges it? politicians should be forced to debate intellectuals in a public domain.

  19. natho369 on

    this political world makes me sick! ALIENS SHOW THESE CUNTS WHAT YOUR MADE OF IM WAITING! lol change wil come and it shall be legal eventully power to the people

  20. bigglego on

    Legalising weed would have a negative effect on the economy, pot tends to make people chill out and not spend money!!

  21. lonoekahi on

    why cant we grow our economy thru marijuana damn they built this country on tobacco same smell ah? well not really but its true!

  22. GeniuslyStupid420 on

    no, lets keep giving the money to criminal organizations so they can afford shooting eachother

  23. Darkmajik666777 on


  24. zonsb on

    It would grow the economy in ways those now in control (corporations) would no longer control the economy. Marijuana could largely replace oil for fuel and as a lubricant. Replace 90% of pharmaceutical drugs. Become real effective/meaningful health care. Become the textile of choice and a low cost health food additive. It could replace most paper and wood products.

  25. steeby420 on

    screw him and all those with him. like everything else he decided to do really fuckin worked

  26. ronaldinhoooo on

    the reason that he dosent feel its a good idea is because he , like bush before him, is a capitalist and if he legalized cannabis millions would be lost by the fat cat friends of the USA……keep on feckin out those cigs and alchohol though, you cant make clothes, paper, medicine ect. ect.ect. out of them……but no “i dont think legalizing marijuana is a good idea”….fuckin prick obama….world in your hands….i’ll probably be deemed a racist for disliking you,

  27. zousanai on

    3500000 people are stupid???
    FUCK THAT!!!
    Dont ask obama….

    lets go outise to protes against marijuana prohibitiont!!!

  28. DjPat6 on

    AND DIDNT HE DO COKE? what bullshit lol and im canadian. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT all lies we dont need leaders we need union and equality watch bill hicks 🙂

  29. MrRationalThink on

    NO? Can you explain why? Or are we just supposed to believe you because you laughed?

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