My friend sees Philosophical Visions when he smokes marijuana! (serious answers only!)?

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SerkTheTurk asked:

Okay, this one is a bit long but worth the read. I don’t know how to explain this in any easy way. Basically, I have this friend, who every time gets high off marijuana (a good 2-3 grams) he sees these… weird, extreme, deep, philosophical visions, thoughts, dreams. It’s actually incredible the things he explains. I am completely honest and this is no joking matter, every time he gets high, he sees things and explains them to me, and there is no possible way he could have come up with these ideas, these theories when sober.

His first vision, we were watching the iTunes Visualizer to see how weird it would look when high. Afterward, my friend had locked eyes on the screen hand on forehead and looked like in deep thought. When we asked him what’s up, he shook, as if he just woke up, and he told us he saw the creation of the universe. I didn’t pay attention much, but it had something to do with the forces of good fighting the forces of evil. At first it was all fun and jokes, but the second time was no joke.

It was at a party, he smoked about 2 grams. Afterward, while everyone is having a good time, he is sitting on the edge of a couch crouched up with his hand on his forehead once again. He was shaking a little so i went to ask him what was wrong. He was shocked again, like I had just woken him up. He then looks into my eyes and asks “Do you know anything about the parallel universe?!”. At that moment, I knew this kid was weird, not bad weird, interesting weird, fascinating. He explained to me how we all (humans) make decisions in life, and how we choose our certain paths everyday. In our parallel universe, we have thousands and thousands of different choices to make. He got really into his explanation and started crying a little. It was really emotional, at this point most of the people in the party were listening to him. He got into really messed up stuff when he said he could use his parallel universe to tell the future of humans paths. He told us how fascinating it was how humans learned to adapt to the world, from the stone age to the present. And now it is his duty to find out the future human adaptations. It was some really messed up stuff. Later he started talking about evolution or something, I wasn’t paying attention.

But point is, my friend sees these things every single time he gets high. Every time he trips out and starts crying at the things he sees, and says he shouldn’t be seeing these. I hate to say this, but it’s so cool to watch him, and listen to him. I’m not saying he’s some sort of a prophet or divine being, just, the cannabis opens his mind so much, that he can explain things we couldn’t even think about.

Should i be worried about him? Is this a bad thing? Because it’s really really weird.


  1. Heart says:

    Weird is just a word to describe a situation that is outside of a mental point of reference. The largest mental point of reference, which is shared amongst people from the same culture, is called reality.

    I’m not high right now. At least, I don’t think I’m high right now . . .
    Tell your friend to get high on post-modern philosophy.

  2. b_bardi99 says:

    i cant smoke pot either, i get sad/paranoid.
    your friend is having a bad trip.
    the whole point of getting high,is to relax or be happy or feel like someone is “one with the world”.
    he definitely does not having those experiences.
    yes, funny to watch for others, but its sad and frightening for him.
    why is he still insisting on smoking pot?
    i tried a few times and gave up:yes it opens some hidden away vault of your mind,but sometimes the stuff in the vault is locked away for a reason.

  3. Pairah Normel says:

    The subconcious is more powerful and knowledgable than most people know. It can be like a calculator or even appear psychic with the accuracy it can detect and decipher situations. When your friend smokes, he is able to tap into his subconcious thoughts and make life-altering decisions and declarations based on what he sees. The subconcious mind is able to create so much and with such detail, it’s mind-boggling. That’s why it’s not accessable most of the time, because it’s far too vast to be in the forefront of everyday thinking. Your friend is just experiencing the world the way his subconscious mind sees it.

    Indians used marijuana as a way to achieve enlightenment and see things in a more well-rounded way. I myself have come up with epiphonies when under the influence of marijuana. For example: One time, it hit me like a ton of bricks: I NEED TO PLAY WITH MY SON MORE. I wrote it down and put it in my wallet, a note to do so in all caps. I didn’t really see it like that until I smoked and it just became so obvious. Another time, I realized that my boyfriend was actually a part of me. I experience the world as a person connected to him. He was in my soul, so to speak. And this is true. I AM his girlfriend. It’s not just a title, he makes up a part of what shapes me as a person.

    Anyway, these are things I already knew on some level, it just took a subtly mind-altering substance to bring that knowledge to the surface. I don’t smoke often AT ALL, so I have the advantage of experiencing profound realizations when I do. Your friend is probably an incredibly deep thinker and has been silently working out the way he views the world subconciously for a long time.

    EDIT: I liked the above answer about the hidden vault. I am like her- I get sad and paranoid when I smoke. The experiences I described were pleasantries in what was otherwise a very undesirable effect. I hate the way I think when I am high because I get far too deep and realize things that I can generally push out of my mind. When I am high, there is no escaping it. Death is often one of the subjects I brood on and I can’t stop myself. Your friend is probably unable to disengage from some of the thoughts that are most absorbing to him. He should not smoke if that’s what happens.

  4. l.b.b says:

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