My Dad wants to know which part of the Marijuana Plant does Hemp come from?

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September 12, 2010
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September 12, 2010
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brancomicguy asked:

I know it sounds silly But he always makes these stupid jokes about smoking Hemp Like it’s a Joint.


  1. ohm'slaw says:

    but hemp plant not addictive,like pot is

  2. mxzptlk says:

    Not absolutely certain, but pretty sure that hemp fibers are from the stem of the plant.

  3. david.goldsworth says:

    Hemp is made from the stalk. Pot is made from the lelaves

  4. tearsaponmypillow says:

    Hemp comes from the stems/stalk I think. THC is what gets you high and that is in the leaves my friend. The female leaves I believe. I’m 90% certain that I’m right. You can’t smoke hemp. That’s fo’ sho’. …Dawg.

  5. mrfinger86 says:

    Hemp is the stems and stocks. It is what the plant was used for to make ropes and fabric. You can get hemp products like shirts and papper.
    The flowers have the THC not the stocks. One great renewable resource.

  6. getit says:

    for agricultural research

  7. EQ says:

    Hemp *is* the marijuana plant. It’s cannabis. It’s what they call it when it’s not being grown for drugs. Marijuana is basically the dried flowers of the cannabis plant. The industrial varieties have only very very low THC levels–both from the variety grown and the growing methods used.

    Cannabis has many non-drug purposes: hemp seed and hemp seed oil for food, the fiber for rope, cloth, and paper. It’s grown for industrial purposes in Europe and Canada. The industrial uses were more common in previous centuries.

    Check out the wikipedia article:

  8. summer_dawn_84 says:

    Hemp and marijuana are 2 different plants. Same family, different chemistry. Smoking hemp will only give you a headache. Do some research, it is an interesting topic. Good for research projects. I did a few in college, went over really well. You see marijuana was made illegal because back in the early part of the century the hosiery industry wanted the manopoly becaue hemp, which isn’t marijuana, was more durable (also used for fuel so petrochemicle companies also had a part in it) So they created the marijuana scare, about how bad it was, a bad drug and so on. If it wern’t for that we would have cleaner burning engines, and more durable clothing. You can thank big business for messing that up. Like I said, do some research. It’s really interesting…

  9. 420Linda says:

    North American hemp has minute trace amounts of THC. You could smoke pounds of the leaves and feel no intoxicating effects. The stems and seeds can be made into many useful products with very little environmental impact. Other countries had high THC marijuana, either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa, and by keeping the female plants unpollinated – by removing all male plants in the area, have been able to produce much higher rates of THC, because the female plant’s energy does not go into making seeds, but into making “resin” only. The “resin” is what the plant produces to make the male pollin stick to it – to fertilize it, because it is wind pollinated, not insect pollinated. The “resin” contains the THC that humans inhale to feel the intoxicating effects of the plant.

  10. ihopetokissafrog says:

    Hemp is from the stalk, I think. I know it can be used to make a kind of waterproof fabric used in making cloth baby diapers, incontinent pads, etc. as well as other things. The dried leaves are actually what is used to make the “joint”.

  11. douglas z says:

    It comes from the stalk, and he knows that.
    What I don’t understand is why would he talk that way to his young child? Ask HIM that. (I’m serious!)