Mr. President why are you avoiding the topics of marijuana. Both legalization and medical?

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September 21, 2010
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September 21, 2010
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Yoda asked:

Mr.B One year ago at your online town hall meeting you laughed off marijuana. While the joke was good you avoided the most popular question.  More recently you took part in a YouTube interview, days prior medical marijuana was removed from health and medicine.  Legalization and medical were again popular questions that did not get asked. 

Now I understand why you have avoided the topic. I wish like the governator you would come out publicly ask for a robust conversation about the topic. Call republican Ron Paul and Barney Frank, it would be a good expression of cooperation between Republicans and Democrats.  

So Yahoo answers fellows how can we get the president to publically discussing these topics. I think if this question gets enough action, make the yahoo front page.  Have a hundred thousand people support  this topic.  That should get the question on fox news and CNN. At that point would Mr. B say something

1/2 of America.   

P.S. Thank you for not going after medical marijuana patients. 



    the legalize weed crowd is in the wrong party…they will never legalize the ghange…it was liberal progressives that outlawed alcohol…they seek to legislate every aspect of your life…no weed,no booze,no meat,no suv’s,no anti-abortion ads on tv,etc..etc..etc…the democrat party is in total control of govt…they could easily legalize it,and they should…why havent they?

  2. Golden says:

    a year ago he was talking big. then reality set in. or rather a group of advisors sat in and explained the facts of life. this is why so many decisions have sounded like the previous guy. barack was informed, like they all are, that he was not the be all and end all. our hope now rides on cali. if the governator pushes it hard enough, if cali actually legalizes (i’d rather decrim, myself), other states will watch and see. when tax money starts rolling in expect nevada to hop on board. and of course wash and oregon

  3. Santa Ana Kid says:

    Let’s face facts folks… the people that don’t understand medical cannabis are a dying demographic. Sooner or later their voting voice will be silenced once and for all.

    Until then, let the narrow minded dribble of the fascist right continue to spout their ridiculously contrived logic as to why medical cannabis is so “dangerous” to the lives and futures of our youth. Last time I checked our last three presidents of the United States of Hypocrisy admitted to smoking cannabis.