Morning Mouth Off: Legalizing Marijuana!

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April 5, 2013
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April 5, 2013

Morning Mouth Off: Legalizing Marijuana!SOURCEFED SHIRTS!!! We discuss the legalization of marijuana on today’s Morning Mouth Off. More stories at: or c…


  1. TheSheep74 says:

    oh ok ­čÖé but i still fail to see the big difference between marijuana and coffee/ high caffeine drinks which actually affect health and behaviour more than marijuana. why treat the two any differently?´╗┐

  2. MrYuenH says:

    why do´╗┐ i feel like marijuana is just a problem in the usa

  3. SunshinesPeaches says:

    I would’ve liked it better if they had separated this subject into two´╗┐ videos. One for the legalization of medicinal marijuana and one for the recreational use of marijuana.

  4. ransom27 says:

    Smoke up, Johnny!´╗┐

  5. chrisknows says:

    tfw you can see her bong in the background in so´╗┐ many sourcefed videos

  6. Fr33kinSweet says:

    Yes, marijuana’s addictive.´╗┐ Anything that releases dopamine can be addictive. From fast food to exercising.

  7. sarcasmaddict says:

    I agree with Eliott for the most part. Take it step by step. I’m okay with it being decriminalized, but above all else, I feel like people need to be more educated on it. There are negative consequences, like, THC in weed can negatively impact up to the point of eliminating´╗┐ REM sleep. I feel like more studies and research need to be done before it is legalized, as well as better education implemented so that people understand it.

  8. Mason164 says:

    saying it is´╗┐ always going to happen so make it legal is a silly argument. Murder is always going to happen, making that legal would be retarded

  9. itscalledminecrack says:

    why does he doubt it when in´╗┐ washington and calif then why is he saying I doubt

  10. luv4drums1 says:

    Agreed. In my state, Florida, it’s damn near impossible to smoke cigarettes anywhere now. Basically your car, property, and some bars are the only real places left. We´╗┐ look down upon tobacco, and we should look down upon all drugs. In Portugal, I’m pretty sure a person can’t use heroin in the streets. There are also restrictions on how much of a drug one can walk around with. So there are rules to protect the public.I think a large federal tax on hard drugs could make sense if we did legalize.

  11. pottzy87 says:

    Smoke everyday and go to´╗┐ work everyday at good paying legal job. Smoked since I was 13 too, its the person not mary jane that makes them lazy and stupid.

  12. mejiabrandin says:

    Get high and fuck you.
    (I´╗┐ mean in a good way)

  13. flefer506 says:

    Just´╗┐ make a podcast already

  14. Cam Credelle says:

    Make it legal´╗┐ Dat Butt

  15. LickMySpork says:

    make it´╗┐ legal, also meth

  16. JordansOnMyFeet831 says:

    Legalize it´╗┐ California.

  17. That253Chick says:

    Personally, I think marijuana is only´╗┐ a gateway drug if the person using it already has an addictive personality. Just my opinion. *shrugs*

  18. prettyboy21bb says:

    nine out of´╗┐ ten people lee knows smoke weed habitually? thats a lot of SourceFed stoners

  19. doctorWTF13 says:

    My five words: 420 blaze it´╗┐ mother fucker!, no in all serious though. Decriminalisation of marijuana would actually mean less people smoke it because it loses that danger vibe

  20. KinneasRed says:

    Lee (who is´╗┐ looking particularly lovely today) basically made the first commenters point, the 13yr old when she said that lifelong marijuana users are probably screwups too, clearly the marijuana use is not exclusive of the rest of their behaviour over that time?

  21. Mansoor Mansa says:

    Smoke´╗┐ weed and f*ck b*tches.

  22. SunshinesPeaches says:

    I would have liked it better if they had been´╗┐ more specific. There is a difference between recreational use of marijuana (lime

  23. TheStealthShow says:

    Why you´╗┐ no empty prisons?

  24. harrypotternerd1257 says:

    Did lee´╗┐ get a haircut?

  25. Evengusy says:

    I guess Lee smoked pot at some time, because she was the only one that didn’t say that´╗┐ she didn’t do it. There is no shame with that Lee! (If you did it off course)

  26. Rory McCaughan says:

    Don’t tax the living hell out of´╗┐ it initially, otherwise the cartels will still undercut the government allowing the illegal sale of marijuana to continue.

  27. TheMoneysock says:

    I don’t´╗┐ feel like drugs

  28. callicatastrophy666 says:

    I also hate´╗┐ Marley posters.

  29. calliallioxenfree says:

    Marijuana could be´╗┐ good economically. Nailed it!

  30. jjbdoggg says:

    07:50 -´╗┐ bukkake

  31. Kevin Devine says:

    marijuana´╗┐ is not a gateway drug, if anything alcohol is a gateway drug.

    saying “every drug addict started with marijuana” is like saying “every porn star started with masturbation”

  32. Mason164 says:

    Also, not a sigle valid arfument for´╗┐ legalising weed was made in this video, buck of clowns

  33. XREDRAIDERSX says:

    Dat butt Dat´╗┐ butt Dat

  34. RCASALE2 says:

    A high tax on it would´╗┐ only make more crime. You would have tons of people growing it illegally like those rednecks do with moonshine.

  35. darthstewie76 says:

    I watched the video because of Lee in the thumbnail.´╗┐

  36. r3n3gad3truck3r77 says:

    Eliot is on methotoday´╗┐

  37. JohnCx666x says:

    Jesus christ…fucking´╗┐ Youtube is fucking up….That comment was meant for someone else but my reply function is screwed… sorry man.

  38. Justin Rios says:

    Five words? I’m´╗┐ so high right now dude

  39. TheFreaKStrike says:

    People Do What´╗┐ They Want…

  40. Sergio Bolanos says:

    Legalize it dat´╗┐ butt big

  41. Losllogan says:

    Five words? It will make us´╗┐ money.

  42. KhushalB says:

    I was gonna say “I literally do not care” too! ­čÖé

    Also,´╗┐ Brazzers.

  43. OffensiveFarmer says:

    Marijuana is good and bad. Smoking it everyday will make you depressed, paranoid and lazy but smoking it once a week is totally fine and healthy. Also it most definitely is a gateway drug under certain circumstances, its easy to get pressured into doing things while high (i am talking from experience) so if you are smoking it with people who do other drugs and they pressure you´╗┐ to take that other drug….you will probably take it so make sure not to smoke it with people doing harder drugs.

  44. shanonbananan765 says:

    that’s six´╗┐

  45. owatch14 says:

    Macs suck don’t´╗┐ use it, over priced crap is still crap.

  46. r3n3gad3truck3r77 says:

    Meth´╗┐ today

  47. 147awesomesauce says:

    It’s legal´╗┐ in Colorado, what what! :p everyone just move here lol

  48. Sterling White says:

    No come´╗┐ here to washington!

  49. iAlexPaczka says:

    Then soft drinks and sugar and other stuff like chemicals in food should be´╗┐ illegal .