More Theatre of Life: Bob Marley Water Birth

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June 2, 2012
Medicinal Mike’s Marijuana MilkShake
June 3, 2012

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  1. xalexismynamex says:

    Did you guys notice that you the perfect commercial for the no hassle discount pipe shop

  2. THEVoLcOmStOnE says:

    That might actually be Patrick Carney!

  3. meowcats210 says:

    Hahaha, i loved that men in black reference. That roach alien guy was probably one of the funniest/weirdest parts of that movie

  4. Paperbagman555 says:

    No way :O

  5. chinojid says:

    i guess ross has the love to keep him waiting.

  6. dancinginthedark01 says:

    omigosh, Beck’s laugh.

  7. UserNameJohnFullmer says:

    I’m sort of curious to see the the show just of your faces and talking.

  8. BeerLabelBuilder says:

    Yep I’m from Brisbane, and no one drinks fosters

  9. dunjackan says:

    Continue with the crack attacks! That shit was hilarious!

  10. 3guys1hammerPwns says:

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  11. zach081387426330 says:

    fosters is not the only beer in australia you know…

  12. ThEcReAsEy says:

    pretty sure it isn’t.

  13. ChelleLovesWolves says:

    Beck’s laugh.Si

  14. MetalPh0enix says:

    Nick has a god awful Australian accent XD

  15. danieljshure says:

    props to beck’s nick cage impression

  16. Psylonz says:

    Beck, you remind me of Joey.

  17. scv2222 says:

    I saw your penis, well not with my eyes through external vision, well you know what I mean.

  18. carolineiscoolest says:

    go back to the hill.

  19. MrJoeHeiden says:

    a store owner yelled at you guys so you moved 10 feet to the right hahaha

  20. draussie says:

    That is the worst Aussie accent Nick.

  21. LoganLeeV says:


  22. ThirtyWheat says:

    I love how Nick always makes fun of Becks good accents or impressions but Nicks are complete shit.

  23. brittahknee1234 says:

    4:20 we are young (: <3

  24. LeapFrogNinja says:

    Horrible Aussie accent, hahah. So bad that it was good!

  25. AlexKesslerMusic says:

    what did you-did you barbecue or something?

  26. billippiper12 says:

    Beck is just so cute!

  27. Bbgm95 says:

    I lost my shit when the homeless guy bunny hopped out of the pipe shop… LOLOL

  28. JohnDaCajun says:

    2:22 Get out of my pipe shop Steve Aoki!

  29. kayakergirl11 says:

    I feel like the more they do this show the more they become like the crazy people they film..

  30. pinkjay94 says:

    FUN FTW!!!!

  31. NobodysOffTheHook says:

    Was it really?!

  32. heathcon383 says:

    you should do an episode where you keep the camera on nick and beck the whole time and we try to guess what the crazies look like.

  33. Joshgt2 says:

    2:00 starts the best part of the video

  34. ChelleLovesWolves says:

    So cute*:3

  35. rspurdie says:

    Brandon and Eric team up to ruin everything. Good job assholes!

  36. Starvingpuppies says:


  37. x1PMac1x says:

    That Nick Cage/MIB impression was pretty good.

  38. TheJry123456789 says:

    He was a Gynecologist os something… no nick … no…

  39. Punkette151617 says:

    the Nicholas Cage shit was hilarious XD 

  40. Hiddenbane says:

    us Aussies dont drink fosters by the way, we export all that shit

  41. MrDondanny53 says:

    How the hell you go from beach babes to crack attack?

  42. madisonrulz says:

    The first guy looked like Micheal moore.

  43. adunakh0r says:

    where the heck is hand move at the beginning?!

  44. goldbear77 says:

    good shit brother

  45. higginio says:

    you should play the game “tell her”

  46. rhiannonwalsh says:

    My gosh! It is! 😀

  47. thevelvetthreads says:

    drummer from black keys yyauuur

  48. Paperbagman555 says:

    I’m from Sydney and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a can or bottle of fosters. It’s such a common stereotype yet nobody ever drinks it here haha

  49. crimsonavenger13 says:

    Dear lord, Brandon really botched this one. Hard to believe someone could be as disgustingly, incompetent as Eric.

  50. unikeeper says: