Marijuana Rush Is On

MSNBC Panel Goes Nuclear On Sarah Palin:Irrelevant’, ‘Irresponsible,The Kim Karsashian Of Politics’
April 7, 2013
Leaked Ford Ads Spark Outrage
April 8, 2013



  1. Hoosier Hempster says:

    I don’t know what you are smoking on but no one adds chemicals to cannabis to “spice it up”. Marijuana doesn’t damage cells in your brain, it actually helps the cells regenerate(making of new cells) at a faster rate. So in other words you don’t know a thing about cannabis. I am not going to explain anymore of what you can research on your own.

  2. scoot dogg says:

    paul tokin @ 0:49

  3. Hoosier Hempster says:

    Because there is no bad side of cannabis. 🙂

  4. RandyBrush1 says:

    Cannabis is safer than water…

  5. Randy Salinas says:

    They’ve said all the good side of marijuana but they didn’t mention the bad side .

  6. 92canabis says:


  7. WeedPornDaily says:

    Glad someone else spotted it too!

  8. mattpenner420 says:

    thats fuckin awesome! i hope canada follows the example.

  9. J Bakey says:

    It is called a steamroller.

  10. OnlyBigHits says:

    Glx is not in here Dude but dope video

  11. Zer500 says:

    tokinGXL at 0:40!!!
    cool to see tokin in one of these

  12. owatch14 says:

    I wish there was a better way for people to see how helpful cannabis can be without them having to be extremely sick.

  13. Randy Salinas says:

    Your so retarded. Research about it ok. I don’t even want to debate with you lol

  14. Randy Salinas says:

    yes their is i mean not the real plant i mean real by before they didn’t add chemicals to marijuana to spice up the highness. But now the marijuana u get has chemicals that damages your cells in your brain and stops you from functioning in learning new things . It makes it harder for you to learn. The normal plant of marijuana which people in the streets call them ” Reggie “that was good but not like kush , loud, excotic, buble gum, cramberry, desal, and more.

  15. tecnoblix says:

    I still have my fingers crossed for Florida.

  16. 92canabis says:

    what bong does he use in the video where he lights up the african-american man?? anyone knows?

  17. pmodrat says:

    I hope tight ass Ct is next.

  18. aethir86 says:

    eat raw foods to heal MS….