Marijuana reactions. Mine is different – Good or bad?

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September 11, 2010
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El Rey asked:

So me and friends smoke from time to time.

When I smoke, Im usually the most chill person in the group. I can laugh, and make jokes, but usually Im the first one to fall asleep from being so burnt out.

Whilst my friends are all laughing and have a jolly good time.

The high effect isnt bad, I love it. I feel tiny bubbles underneath my skin. Im just wondering if its weird that I react differently compared to numerous friends.


  1. Judge Judy says:

    you just dont have a tolerance built up like a reguarly smoking stoner

  2. kittykat says:

    No everyone is different ….The more you smoke the easier it is to live with on a daily for example if someone gets paranoid from it smoke more often your body will eventually get it and love it…I’m pregnant now so i dint care to smoke ..Pot is the best drug on earth and everyone should smoke…

  3. candy says:

    i am sure that any reaction of marijuanna is bad
    advice go to a doctor or something it could really effect your health

  4. Dodge B. Harrison says:

    You just need to build up a tolerance.

    At least you’re not throwing lil brother used to throw up from being stoned. We would say “He can’t handle his weed.”

    But yeah, don’t worry about just need to smoke more.
    Also, eating munchies can make you tired.
    Not eating can make you tired.
    Eat, but only enough for energy 🙂

    Try drinking some Mountain Dew or a Rockstar, that’ll help you wake up for a while 🙂

  5. nirvana270793 says:

    Tolerance, just smoke more often and youl stay awake longer
    Marijuana isnt bad for you. Its only illegal because Harry Anslinger
    (head of treasury in 1930s) was having his multibillion industry threatened, so he appointed his nefew as head of dangerous drugs and narcotics, secret meetings were held to try to find a way to make one of the worlds best resources out of the way. Eventually the made a movie called “reefer madness”(look it up on google video[not on youtube]). All it did was tell lies to trick the naive americans into teahing thier children not to, and so on. America has been suffering eversince. in the 1920s it was predicted that all car fuil would be run an hemp, but those greedy bastards had to go and screw up everything for america. if you realy care go to (gives many facts of benifits of marijuana + pro-legalization of marijuana) if you have any questions or would like to know some helpful info when chosing where you stand you can email me (yahoo, if you scan these please dont delete my comment for this)
    if we ever want to make a natrual resource that was falsly accused of wrong doing we must make our voices heard (, ect.. email me if you want to know ways to stand for justice, [also sory if you dont care for politics but he can realy help, as he is the only presidential candiday that will talk about the taboo subject, due to fear of not getting elected Ron Paul, you can go to]
    Its a plant not an evil drug (also can be used to replace 10-20% of potentialy addictive and costly medications)