Marijuana is wonderful government control is absurd?

how do you get a job growing medicinal marijuana?
September 18, 2010
In a marijuana plant does the bud grow by itself or do u have to do something to it so it can start growing it
September 19, 2010
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johnhmckee asked:

give me one good reason nicotine is leagal and pot is not????????? we are not free freedom is a joke in this country


  1. Could Be says:

    politics and big money.

    In the United States, the significant legislation was the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, a federal culmination of many separate state laws that had been enacted in the previous years. Some claim that the U.S. laws may have been in response to lobbying by makers of synthetic fibers that competed with hemp. While hemp was not their main competitor, it was a much easier target than cotton or wool, for example. Critics of anti pot legislation have also pointed to the possiblity that there was a racial underpinning to the criminalisation of marijuana in America, since it was know to be a popular and widely-used recreational drug in the African-American and Latino communities.

  2. Mayfair A says:

    you wanna go crazy, pot can do that

  3. no_dirt_on_my_shoulder says:

    niotine doesnt cause ur reactions to get so delayed that ur unable to preform any other action otherthen changeing the channel on ur moms tv, pot does

  4. Biran_Sefar says:

    You are absolutely right. The government’s failed prohibition and the sheer cost to citizens who are terrorized, stigmatized by arrest, or even murdered in their own homes just for enjoying a non-addictive, relatively benign herb reveals the truly oppressive nature of the American government. No civilized nation would make a simple plant with so many beneficial uses as marijuana illegal. Only barbarians would do such a thing.

    If our government had the sense of a duck at least, then they’d legalize it, regulate it, and tax it. At least then the government would have the money it needs to fund all the war crimes and acts of terrorism that it commits around the world without dumping the burden more directly upon the American people.

    Apparently, however, that thing about life, liberty, and specifically THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is just more doublespeak from the folks who tossed out habeas corpus and due process.

    Marijuana is a non-addictive, relatively benign recreational drug that has been conclusively shown in thousands of studies around the world to have medicinal benefit for numerous diseases.

  5. advertising says:

    Smoking weed and the effects it has on a person’s life are remarkably misunderstood by people in today’s era. I will teach you why weed is more dangerous than you currently think.

    People look at cigarettes and see that they can hurt in a very clear immediate way (physically can lead to cancer). Weed doesn’t affect you this way. It is safer and less harmful to your lungs and body than cigarettes.

    People look at alcohol and see that you lose brain cells, get into driving accidents, damage your liver, say things you regret, and a list of other similar things. Weed doesn’t affect you the same way at all.

    People look at weed and see that it stimulates different parts of your brain and allows you to be creative in ways that you hadn’t been in the past.

    People see that so many other people smoke weed all the time; people in Hollywood make movies about it. Musicians make songs about it. They all talk about how much they love it.

    And yet…the government considers it to be dangerous enough to be illegal. They post commercials trying to portray people as being stupid or lazy or wasting their life to hopefully stop people from smoking. The problem is, that people have to relate very closely to those commercials for them to be effective, and they aren’t hitting home for many people because they are poorly done.

    Here’s why weed is so dangerous. It affects you in a way that is impossible to measure, and yet more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. When you smoke weed, for a period of 24-48 hours, your brain has trouble retaining information. When you smoke weed multiple times over a week or longer, your brain has trouble retaining information for days at a time – until it is out of your system. “Retaining information” is another way of saying “learning.”

    So here’s the problem. If you take a few hits one day, you will have essentially gone the next 24 hours without learning anything complicated that was presented to you. Some straightforward things can still be learned, but the fact is that most of life’s lessons are anything but simple. There are often many factors that you have to take into account when you make a given decision. It’s learning things like that that your brain just can’t handle when you’re baked. If you smoke weed one day in your life, that’s not that big of a deal. You will probably learn what you missed out on in one way or another…but think about it. YOU LEARN SO MANY INTRICATE, NEW THINGS EVERY DAY, AND THEY ALL BUILD ON EACH OTHER. I’m not talking about things that your teachers teach you in school, or things that your boss teaches you at work. I’m talking about the fact that there’s a difference in maturity between a parent and a child that comes from learning things like how to handle relationship issues, and how to avoid upsetting someone by not learning how to be aware of issues a friend of yours is sensitive to, and other things along those lines. I’m talking about all the things that you instinctively aren’t good at, that you have to work on getting better at. It’s those things that your brain can’t improve when it’s affected by weed. For example, a lot of people out in the world who smoke weed regularly hit 30 years old before they learn how to not make poor financial decisions. Sure, some people who smoke weed make good financial decisions, but almost without exception, those are the people who already naturally paid attention to money. It’s the people who don’t have that natural tendency who would have otherwise learned by thinking about it on their own or talking it through with other people who don’t end up learning till later if ever. Someone who has a natural tendency to be good with money, may have more trouble learning how to relate to the emotions of the opposite sex or something else that isn’t as naturally simple to them. When you’re baked, you almost never reflect on things that happened to you in the same way you do when you aren’t.

    So back to the statement I made earlier “It affects you in a way that is impossible to measure, and yet more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.” It’s impossible to measure the effects of weed because you can’t take a person who has smoked weed a bunch in their life, and compare how smart they are to themselves had they never smoked. The fact is that they are likely less socially graceful in the way they interract with their peers and co-workers, less motivated to improve themselves as individuals, and they have missed out on a ton of learning that would have improved the quality of their lives, their children’s lives, and the lives of everyone around them.

    Think about how many things there are in the world that you understand. You learn hundreds, if not thousands of things every day. If you get rid of a day, you miss out on a lot. If you get rid of a month, or year, or more, then you miss out on a tremendous amount, and it affects you for the rest of your life.

    In my opinion, one of the world’s greatest flaws has been the failure to teach this to our youth.