Marijuana in my system for 7 days?

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September 20, 2010
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September 20, 2010
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maddog asked:

ok i am 15, i am about 135 pds and 5’3 ish. not this last saturday but the one before that, i smoke about 10 dollars worth of weed. i just got back from a drug test. today and yesterday i drunk alot of water and took vitamens. i dont smoke weed often it was just that once. so should i be worried or not. please do not joke around.


  1. sdrawkcabruoy says:

    Depends what kind of test i think, Cannabis remains in the hair for a long time.

  2. Jacen says:

    Marijuana is illegal and extremely damaging to your health, best to stay away from it. They will probably pick it up on your test.

  3. lifeofagony90 says:

    It takes about a month to get out of urine and about 6 months to get out of hair. Unless you drink water non stop its hard to say when it will get out of your system. No matter how much you smoke, it will get in your system.

  4. phlebogal45 says:

    marijuana binds to the fat cells in your body. It can stay in there for 30 days. stop smoking pot. It can lead to more dangerous drugs. Also it make you lazy.

  5. Rafa says:

    I think marijuana stays in the bloodstream for a long time. I’m pretty sure it takes more than a week to take it out of your system. Sorry.

  6. Let's Get Funky says:

    If you dont smoke it regularly it’ll be out your system pretty fast. 7 days is a bit soon, but I’m sure you’ll be alright.

  7. Acid09 says:

    It depends on the test for starters. But the universal test is the urine analysis so I’ll assume that’s what it was. Yes the thc in weed bonds to fat cells. In fact it can take as long as 54 years for the body to process these cells. This is because the body avoids fat cells with thc.

    If you had to take a UA, then it takes about two weeks to flush thc from your system. It also depends on how much weed you smoked and how long its been between the last time you smoked and when you took the test. Its possible to pull a hot UA as much as 30 days from when you last smoked.

    If you drank a lot of water you might have flushed your system. So you might not pull a hot UA. But the results will tell them that your system was flushed and they may ask you take the test again. So it is important that you do not smoke any more weed between now and when you know the results. Then if they do ask for a retest, by then the thc that did not bond to fat cells should be out of your system.

  8. SABR!NA says:

    it stays in ur system for about 2weeks i think,
    next time drink pink lemonade…alot of it :]

  9. horseofcourse17 says:

    If you knew you were going to take a drug test, why would you do weed? Quit smoking pot and use your brain!

  10. bigboy says:

    it depends if you smoke everyday or if you some only once or twice a year. if you don’t really smoke, it will be out in about 3 weeks….if you smoke everyday it can take a month or even longer