Madonna addresses critics in Malawi

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April 7, 2013
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April 7, 2013

Madonna addresses critics in MalawiMadonna explained that her motive for being in Malawi was because she “cared deeply” for the children of the country, following tension between the celebrity…


  1. Anne Amadon says:

    I don’t think you know ANYTHING about this World and about Reality. You speak like a fool. So don’t think you can speak for ME. You don’t know ANYTHING so shut up and go to hell. God

  2. Marcos S. says:

    Punishment is knowing that there are people like you. Africa suffers because of the carelessness of mankind, not for God’s wrath, he gave necessary for everyone. You’re a disgrace as a human being.

  3. Anne Amadon says:

    It’s Very Special to See My Dear Woman Here after a Long and very Dark Time Working Together on Our New World. I’m so Grateful for That, that She’s Able to Visit Our Children, the Children of God..They Are Leading So Much and Now We Can Work Together More and More! I Will Make a New Beautiful Connection With this Time My’s the first Time that’s Possible so Celebrate That with Us if you Are a Real Man or a Real Woman! God.

  4. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    i hate her wherever she goes she shows her breast, i hate bitches whores

  5. whisperingplague7 says:

    Before we discount anyone’s contributions we should first look at our own!
    I don’t care for Madonna, but at least she’s trying to help the less fortunate. American conservatives would call her a Socialist.

  6. Aviationnation10 says:

    Africa is a continent…

  7. Derrick seskin says:

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  8. Janashala Ch says:

    So let’s say lady gaga is laying in an egg, you think she sleeps in an egg when her family’s around? You think when artists make conceptual installations in museums, they will mimic it in their every day life till their last? Madonna is a performance artist. Angelina is an actor. In short: Who gives a fuck? They help. That’s it. I don’t see why you feel the need to hate Madonna for ultimately being the biggest helper and donor of the second poorest country in the world.

  9. Aviationnation10 says:

    Those 10 schools have changed the lies of THOUSANDS of people

  10. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    Seems like: whores like whores, whores protect whores, whores are fans of whores, only whores would understand and reply to this

  11. madonna816 says:

    Angelina & Shakira don’t sell sexuality? You’re delusional! Slam her all you like, she’s still spreading kindness…unlike you.

  12. TheDadeboy says:

    Such a nice woman

  13. dgdhqgdyukqud says:

    by poor people.

  14. taxandpenalty says:

    Don’t cha LOVE how she dressed down for the occasion?
    Spare us Madonna. You are no Angelina Jolie.

  15. nicolemonrue says:

    i dont think she claimed to be

  16. honeybunny4343 says:

    Spend some of your own money you pathetic bitch!

  17. Claudia Silva says:

    well done Madonna. God bless u… QUEEN

  18. dgdhqgdyukqud says:

    Jesussssssssss /watch?v=Nh7UgAprdpM


  19. Michel Kettermann says:

    So pathetic comment coming from someone whose picture shows only boobs.
    Get a life!

  20. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    She could do something for someone without being a whore.
    What about me ?! i don’t tell about myself on a youtube comment !

  21. Marcos S. says:

    Of course not, she’s Madonna, she is single. And do something good is a duty of all. Congratulations to her!

  22. MadonnaMusicGod says:

    YOU should get punished. Idiot.

  23. Aviationnation10 says:

    Wrong, Madonna’s fathers side are ITALIAN (from Italy that’s in Europe) and her Mothers side are French-Canadian, (France is in Europe)

  24. bvespertine says:

    It’s like, she’s doing more than you. Goodness.

  25. Fabian Vazquez says:

    God Bless Madonna. How sweet of her to help the children of Malawi. i wish one day i could help like she does. She looks so peaceful and free. She transmit a positive energy.

  26. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    I don’t show my ass and breast to be more famous and gain more money to do charities in Africa, i just gain money respectfully and help others, like Angelina, shakira and diana and many others who are not whores as Madonna

  27. Ryan Donovan says:

    Well, I prefer whores. Whores do it better!

  28. The88punisher says:

    you have problems, serious problems, get a fucking life girl! Madonna is doing something good for this unfortunate people, ok! don’t get it, shes a performer on tour, and shes being a sweet human being here, ok!!! get a life cunt

  29. Riccardoderek says:

    Here she looks older than the other photos of the other day of her visit in Malawi. Anyway, she’s so lovely and I will always love her.

  30. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    Whores still protecting whores, so normal from you

  31. jc2delaga says:

    Anything helps and Madonna is a good example. She’s mother Madonna. I’m so happy for all those children. We can all help as well even with a smile and most importantly if unable to do it monetarily, we can pray with an open heart to bless everybody.

  32. Claudia Silva says:

    i guess u are one of them… madonna slays.. huge mind and heart…. u have an old mind…..

  33. Michel Kettermann says:

    Well, at least this “whore” is doing something for someone.
    How about you?

  34. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    She is already too famous and rich, i mean she has a great voice and charism she could use that besides dropping her clothes

  35. dgdhqgdyukqud says:


  36. Cyberresistance says:

    Madonna is a great person, god knows your intention you don’t need to explain your self to any man

  37. befarman says:


  38. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    If i have problems because i hate when girls drop their clothes on cameras ? i’m protective about women’s image, you like when she poses naked because you only see our boobs and ass you don’t care about the rest

  39. SAMAH Fekreche says:

    Angelina works according to scripts, she is an actress, in movies like GIA and wanted she was acting, we know actors should do some sex scenes, but a singer! i don’t think she is obliged to take off her panties her bra and then say “tonight i’ll show you every thing about my ass”, there is always a way to gain respectful money and help others; rememeber Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.
    Unlike me ?!, try to be objectif it’s not about me or you

  40. dgdhqgdyukqud says:

    She should do a show there playing like a virgin and get paid.

  41. Lika Goodliffe says:

    STFU – You are missing the end result – The Children. A whore as you proclaim Madonna to be is much, much better than a selfish condescending bitch such as yourself!

  42. dgdhqgdyukqud says:


  43. dgdhqgdyukqud says:

    she cannot even brew a pot of water and she knits??? it does not even good in her hands… but something else….

  44. StivinAu says:

    You’re clearly a fu*ktard…Madonna is ACTING when showing off her breasts on camera for HER BOOK…Madonna is ACTING when flashing HER ass on stage to HER fans…Madonna is ACTING when she drops all HER clothes on camera in HER music video because that, my little fu*ktard, is HER ART. Madonna is NOT walking around in HER everyday life, with friends, family, etc. flashing HER ass or breasts nor does Madonna ever drop HER clothing unless IT IS for HER WORK, HER ART, HER JOB…cheers!!!

  45. costantinini says:


  46. taxandpenalty says:

    Just because she has money.
    You don’t know what I do. FUCK OFF.

  47. Carlos Ramirez says:

    Oww todo un amor la dinosaurio,La amo 😛