Lately my friend is finding that his plants in his home are dying. He does maintain them daily?

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September 3, 2010
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flowersofbarcelona asked:

He makes sure they are fully watered and recieve full sunlight

He smokes quite a bit of marijuana in the home. Can Marijuanna kill day to day house plants? if so how do we prevent this

–i am being very serious, jokes aside i need answers so his plants will stop dying.

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  1. Iliana G says:

    plants need more than water and sunlight to thrive. They need many other nutrients, a main one being nitrogen. Nutrient deficiencies can definitely kill your plants, and if they have been in the same pot for awhile, the nutrients in that soil have most likely been depleted and the roots don’t have much more room to expand.

    I suggest getting some good fertilizer and repotting them into bigger pots.