Jrain Mics – Grime Time ft. Jokes & RelliK

Tristans Lazy Freestyle
February 2, 2012
Growing Marijuana 8 1/2 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diesel CFL Grow
February 2, 2012

Jrain Mics - Grime Time ft. Jokes & RelliKLyrics in More Info below facebook.com reverbnation.com Like Comment Subscribe Lyrics: Verse 1 [Jokes]: Back on my grind, gotta stay humble/ SC boy, yeah I’m comin’ straight out the jungle/ For my niggas that’s gone, man you know that I love you/ These niggas want me to fall, so they can say the above me/ Jokes back on this shit, so it’s ’bouta get ugly/ Where I’m from you jus’ ride, it’s like I gotta get mines/ I got money to make, ain’t no wastin no time/ I ain’t never gon’ hate, I’m respectin

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