I confront cops who lobby for drug war…or do they all?

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April 3, 2013
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April 3, 2013

I confront cops who lobby for drug war...or do they all?Sponsor: – I confront cops who lobby for drug war…or do they all? I’m outside an NH state house committee meeting on a bill that wou…


  1. FinalCountdown2Jesus says:

    I am always shocked when I see Christians who are pro-marijuana legislation. The bible clearly states on the first 2 pages that God created all green plants for man. He didn’t prohibit us from using ANY plant. He gave us dominion over all the earth AND EVERYTHING IN IT. Jesus said in the new covenant that all things are lawful but all things are NOT beneficial he said be a slave to none. Anything can be mis-used thats not an excuse to ban what God gave to us.

  2. haskellfilmz says:

    You shouldn’t blame the cops for fighting against legal marijuana laws……..I mean, come on….reality sets in for them hardcore…when they use to get free search warants on 90% of they’re calls when all they had to do in the past is …smell pot while talking to someone in they’re car, home etc and WHAM! Free search warrent! Were coming in! Damn…this marijuana law passes and NO MORE FREE SEARCH WARRANT! Poor cops..they’re pissed!

  3. Claude Rains says:

    I dont care what people smoke, drink or eat as long as it does not affect my freedom. you dont like weed, smoke then dont do it or be around it. you can always leave, because you’re free to do so. but you dont have a “right” to tell others how to live or behave just because you dont like it.

  4. jmf420 says:

    Keep up the good work. I watch your videos all of the time here in California, where we have a pretty good medical cannabis program. I am interested in the free state movement you guys have going on in New Hampshire though.

  5. ftwbk says:

    if marijuana is still illegal can we lobby to make alcohol illegal too?

  6. mcgrawtim123 says:

    “I’m on salary so its my own time.”
    Well, did he pay for his own uniform? It seems to me that lobbying for or against bills in government uniforms is wrong.
    And who said they could form unions? Oh, yeah, Gov. Jerry Brown, etc.. That’s turned out well… NOT!

  7. runningwolfkenpo says:

    So you make the claim that people in the audience “look like cops” is a pretty poor statement. These police officers know who you are and how to twist the real truth around of course they aren’t going to talk to you. The medical marijuana bill has to many holes in it. Activists are mad about it not for the patient’s sake but because they can’t go through the loop holes and get high themselves.I haven’t heard one activist talk about how this may help patients just themselves.

  8. Guadalupe Isadro says:

    Chief…the Mexican drug cartels LOVE you.

  9. Adam brians says:

    couldn’t have said it better myself.. “i have a number of reasons” none of which he can explain

  10. MWCstream says:

    Oh no, he found out I am not a real public servant, RUN RUn away.

  11. TralfamadorianShoes says:

    “why are you against this bill?” “there’s a lot of challenges that it poses to law enforcement that we’re against” yeah that they’ll lose a source of revenue generation along with their ability to freely attack and rob nonviolent people who choose to practice self-ownership and ingest substances of their choice.

  12. 5avan10 says:

    Not all cops are opposed to legalizing marijuana. I know one whom I asked about this and he is in favor of it; he works in Colorado and he says that it has simplified his job tremendously now that it is legal for recreational use; no more worrying about those confusing medicinal use laws. His only concern is trafficking to other states where it is not legal. He is worried that it could create problems, but so far it hasn’t been a big deal.

  13. us chronicle says:

    good job hold their feet to the fire. lobbying against our freedoms while being paid by us…classic

  14. Adam brians says:

    fucking bitches

  15. stacky512a says:

    The guy smiles……he’s lieing

  16. JonVonTruthSeeker says:

    “Chief are you here?”
    “No, I am not.”

  17. littlebill606 says:

    I give you a thumg up for your activism and by that I mean the way you get out there and confront out elected officials as to their voting records or their intentions concerning any given issue. However I give you two thumbs down on your apparent wish to have weed or any other mind altering drug legalized.

  18. RidleyReport says:

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? I urge you to make a sound and make it related to New Hampshire.

  19. MedicalMarijuanaMini says:

    thank you

  20. TheRiceowlex says:

    Props to you Mr Ridley, I’m doing the same thing in Texas but my contribution takes place in the courts. Godspeed brother.

  21. CurtHowland says:

    “The committee asked me to be here”
    That is a good answer.
    Hopefully the committee will know better next time than to fund those who want oppress people.

  22. erieejustice911 says:

    Help Get Viral!! Please!!
    Justice For Joel!!
    Cop cover up!!
    I heard the call dispatched on the my police scanner!!
    Please help expose my sons injustice! You TubeErie Parties/Joel Atkin.Shot relative of arresting officer while on 911 asking for help.See whats missing. If I have sent this to you already,I’m Sorry! I’m just a mom that wants answers!! Stay Safe Out There!!

  23. VillageCouponCom says:

    Since when is it a freedom in the USA to smoke marijuana?

  24. FinalCountdown2Jesus says:

    the sad thing is that most of these folks are so brainwashed that I bet they never thought about it in the way you just presented it. Nothing is more dangerous than a police officer who thinks its good to put men in cages for a plant. Likewise he will murder you and not feel a bit of remorse if you have this plant and especially if you happen to be poor and black because he is good and you are well holding a devil plant. THIS NATION IS RUN BY LUNATICS

  25. haskellfilmz says:

    Cause anyone could be over at your house who has a Marijuana card (Even if you don’t) ….so cops no longer have an excuse to walk into your home and take controll just because they smell pot! Man…that damn law sucks! There goes the cops Bread-and-Butter!

  26. flexystudio says:


  27. jackwidow1 says:

    Nice idea but you just insulted Rats I mean the four legged kind! The four legged rat at less dose something like clean up are trash. What good do the two legged rats do? Besides lie and take are money for victimless crimes like cannabis!

  28. J Greg says:

    HEHE I love seeing you up front and in there face there like rats running away lol GREAT JOB keep it up

  29. BigEvan96 says:

    Good vid Rid!

  30. RidleyReport says:

    You’re making our point for us. You are correct, we don’t have freedom in the USA.

  31. TheGuidoCongetti says:

    I love the intro !