HOW TO MAKE A Halloween Bong II………..Building a Bong on a Budget Part #21


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HOW TO MAKE A Halloween Bong II...........Building a Bong on a Budget Part #21Halloween is the best time of the year to get cool plastic garb for making builds with. check out last years “Severed Foot” build here.. For Parts…

50 comments on “HOW TO MAKE A Halloween Bong II………..Building a Bong on a Budget Part #21

  1. 420highallday! on

    Hey sound I am so stoned right now smoking some Sour Diesel and I just
    wanted to say that your tutorials and the 420armory helped me out so much I
    made one and now I can say “Medication Successfully Administered” hahah
    PTFO Bro!

  2. Pantera7640 on

    Awesome shit sound. You should rig up a triple chambered gravity bong.
    Waterfall style. You could call it toxic falls.

  3. Brent McCarthy on

    Sound I’m an Ommp patient that was a carpenter for 25 yrs due to illness I
    can no longer do my craft but with my 20 yr old sons help I get to laugh
    and make cool peices thanks for your vids

  4. grandaddynative on

    holy moly, that’s pretty scary how you actually resemble those masks like
    relatives or something. u rock sound

  5. generalzod4life on

    A new SD video woooooooooooo! Im too lazy I gotta upload and show ya my
    giant ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ bong build dammit! its even got an LED stand so
    it looks like the intro to ‘Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious World’ haha

  6. Ruckus Reefer on

    I agree with the post before me if you can get your hands on a crystal head
    vodka bottle you should do a build with it!

  7. Paratrooper12100 on

    SOUNDRONE!!!! I came up with an awesome label for the skull Build. You
    should name it Yoric!!! Like ” Alas Poor Yoric!!” Haha! Cheers from

  8. BigJoe Kasulis on

    Not much trying to do whatever I got to do… I been around buddy. I watch
    every video you put out. 🙂 I seen you added me back on G+ the other day
    and I figure you been busy with all your new glass toys. and other stuff
    didn’t want to bother you. Been trying to build my channel and biz slow but

  9. polishboy1231 on

    Hey sound are most bowls and down stems normally 5/8 and 1/2 at most local
    smoke shops if so I was thinking about gettin some boring tools at ur site

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