HELP, i need to know the pros and cons of marijuana?

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September 20, 2010
September 20, 2010
marijuana jokes

all jokes aside, i would love to know the real pros and cons to it, besides feeling good, and the whole brain cell thing (not true been tested)

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  1. Pez says:

    There’s no good reason to support marijuana prohibition. Marijuana was banned because white young women were going to jazz clubs in the early 1900’s. In these clubs there were almost only black people. So when these girls were dancing and hanging out with these fine and charming men they were introduced to Marijuana… And thus many of the women slept with them. Since there was no condoms or anything at the time, a LOT of women got pregnant… and “Crossbreeding” was seen as a VERY filthy thing in the 1900’s… so there was NO way women would tell their family that they slept with black people voluntarily… So the women HAD to say that they were drugged and raped by black men… And this “Lie” became a wide known thing in the newspapers.. and they banned marijuana. (trust me, that is the reason)


    1. Think about the revenue marijuana can produce. Or how much money that can be saved if police stop arresting marijuana victims and how much money that is saved through less cases in court (it’s estimated several billions in savings), you know 88% of the drug arrests are for small possession of marijuana (less than an ounce) And about 50% of all people in jail are there because of small possession… There’s a reason United states have 1/4 of all people in jail in the whole world and yet USA only is about 5% of the worlds population.

    2. studies show that high school kids are saying that weed is much easier to get than beer. Because it is not controlled and the dealers don’t care about age, but cash…
    And You see, the average dealer on the street are not criminals (as in “a member of a gang, cartels or anything). they’re the normal pizza hut working college student who grabs an opportunity to earn 4-5 months of salary in less than a month… If Weed was to become legal, the mexican cartels (who earn 60-70% of their money from marijuana) would lose a lot of power… ALSO the power to pay enough money to dealers… so with dealers earning less after legalization fewer would actually think the risk is worth it.

    And btw. Netherlands who has coffee shops where they sell marijuana have the lowest % of teens AND adults using it of all countries in the western world. Because it’s not illegal there’s nothing “Mystical” about it so teens are not drawn to it as easily as if it was illegal.

    3. It is proven that marijuana is as dangerous as coffee (actually around 5000-7000 dies from heart attack due to coffee drinking each year. And there has not yet been found one single death related to marijuana… look it up yourself), and the only harmful thing is the actual smoke introduced to your lungs… just as “dangerous” as sitting by a campfire and breathing in burned wood smoke.

    American Medical Association is trying to make the federal government change marijuana from schedule 1 to schedule 2 because of it’s medical values… the government approved the production of Marinal (a spray and/or pill with the marijuana molecule THC for patiens )

    . Oh and one more thing.

    A: The gateway drug theory is actually caused by Prohibition. You see… Everyone who smokes pot for the first time realizes that it is a very mild drug, when you’re high you can think clearer than ever, you feel relaxed and the next day you don’t experience hangover… BUT believe me when i say this… The strongest feeling of them all is this: The feeling of being betrayed by authority (Parents, teachers, cops and the gov). When young people think “I’ve been lied to by my parents about weed, maybe they’re lying about other drugs too” they are more likely to say yes when offered hard drugs.

    B: Here’s the other thing… When illegal the only way to get marijuana is through people who might have some shady intentions, we are forcing youngsters to head into possible dangerous places by keeping weed illegal… Dealers usually tend to use this trick… When they get new customers they act really nice, they might even sell it cheaper and thereby over time befriending them… around 50% of WEED dealers sell other drugs too. So when a “trust” bond has been created they might offer their customers other things (And because of what i wrote in “A” they are more likely to try new stuff)

    You see, all created by prohibition… there’s nothing IN marijauana that has anything to do with the gateway theory

    I’m for the legalization of marijuana…

    It’s all about logic…Alcohol Prohibition in the early 1900’s didn’t work… And the very first prohibition in the garden of Eden was the prohibition to eat from the tree of knowledge… and who was the ruler? the man upstairs… and how many did he have to watch oveR? two…. And yet. they ate the apple

    So… drugs doesn’t disappear when prohibited, … over the past 70 years during prohibition they have become cheaper, stronger and more available than ever before. It’s safe to say that the drugs won the war.