Hamburger/Marijuana joke?

i smell marijuana growing at my house but cant locate it?
September 17, 2010
Operation Green Reaper Marijuana Bust KING 5 [April 2008]
September 17, 2010
marijuana jokes
Tall Bob asked:

On the news, I saw a story about some marijuana being found in a hamburger from McDonalds. So, I put this out to you fine ladies and gentleman. The one who has the best joke relating to this or something similar will be rewarded with a best answer.


  1. Melinda M says:

    That’s what you call a Happy Meal! HAHA!

  2. Lizbeth says:

    “I’m lovin’ it”

  3. I like cheeeessseeee says:

    thats why so many ppl eat burgers

  4. Teaser says:

    Hamburger from McDonalds will be cheaper and better source of Drugs for the Addicts, for atleast they can fill their bellies along with the drug, which otherwise they hardly do !!!

  5. s_wakelam says:

    what did the hamburger say when it pleaded not guilty?
    I’ve been flamed!

    How did the jury find the burger?
    Grill-ty and charred! (quilty and charged)

  6. libragirll90 says:


    “Wow I’m really hungry” Justin said.

    “Yeah me too, wanna get somethin’ to eat”? John said.

    “Yeah lets go to McDonalds”.
    (arriving at McDonalds drive threw)

    “Let me have the number 2” said john.

    “I’ll have the number 6″ Justin said.

    So when their done they start feeling a little weird.

    Justin ” Hey, do you have a twin John”?

    John ” No, why”?

    Justin “Because that guy over there looks just like you”.

    John ” Oh yeah he does, hey he’s coming over I can introduce myself”.

    Guy ” Hey boys”.

    (Still high)

    Justin & John ” Hey dude, what’s your name?

    Guy ” Allen, and yours”?

    Justin ” Justin”

    John ” John”

    John ” Hey has anyone told you that you look just like me”?

    Allen ” Yeah as a matter of fact someone has just a few minutes ago”.

    John ” Cool cause I think your my brother, even though I think I’m high right now”.

    Allen “Really? So do you two think you want to see if we look alike somewhere else on our bodies”?

    Justin “Yeah”.

    John ” Yeah, sure”.

    (Allen unzipes his pants and Justin and John stare at him)

    Justin ” Dude I think you two do look alike”.

    John ” What are you talking about Justin, you’ve never seen me naked before”.

    Justin ” Actually I have, remember the last time we went to McDonalds and you couldn’t remember that we did the last day”?

    John ” Yeah so what”?

    Justin ” Well I saw Allen the same day and thiugh he looked like you in the face, but I wanted to see if he looked like you anywhere else so he showed me his dick and it turned out he really did”!

    John ” So you’ve done this s*** before to me”?
    (John becoming dizzy)

    Allen & Justin ” Yeah”.

    John ” Everythings becoming blurry, I think I’m gonna…..

    Justin ” Well I think he’s out”.

    Allen ” Yeah, so you wanna steal his money like last time”?

    Justin ” Yeah come on”.

    A few days later on the news

    Reporter ” Police have found a man sleeping in his car apperently not knowing where he was or how he got here. they also say his pants were down with a white substance on his genitles and with no money on him police are calling this very suspicious”.

    Justin & Allen watching the news together

    Justin ” Hahahahahahah, wow that is soooo funny we did a real good job on him huh”?

    Allen ” Yeah, great thing McDonalds haven’t been found out about having marijiuana in its food or we would have never gotten away with this”.

    Justin ” Your right, I bet he’s still high. But you didn’t have to give him a blowjob”.

    Allen ” Yeah I know, but I figured that since I gave you one that time we had McDonalds than why not do the same to him”.

  7. Jana says:

    so .. would you like a side order of hash ( pot ! ) with that?

  8. Abiola RaVioli says:

    Knock knock! Who’s there? Marry. Marry who? Marry the hamburger Juana! (Bet it? The hamburger is marrying the marijuana so that they can become one)! ^_^ Tee Hee Hee!