Fresh Perspectives: The Breaking Story IV

March 23, 2012
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March 24, 2012

Fresh Perspectives: The Breaking Story IVCheck out part 1: Check out part 2: Check out part 3: Fresh Perspectives was a political talk show with children. On April 6th, 2011 the first episode was uploaded to Youtube. After seven episodes, the show vanished without a trace. So did the show’s creator and host, Beck Bennett. This is what happened. Part IV of IV Release Schedule: Part I – 03/20 Part II – 03/21 Part III – 03/22 Part IV – 03/23 Fresh Perspectives is back on March 29th, 2012. Cr


  1. FIRSTroll says:


  2. Kadhyaa says:


  3. SomTherlock says:

    isn’t it a leaf?

  4. steezenuggets says:

    Kyle is such an awesome actor.

  5. MrQuoteMan says:

    Lets not pull a Kassem G and make seventy episodes of this, ‘kay?

  6. jtmon3y19 says:

    Shut up fuckers! Bring back Fresh Perspectives!!!

  7. Callmehenkie says:

    are you saying you thought this was for real?

  8. Brickcellent says:

    Are you taking the piss?

  9. codylynn92 says:

    the little kid nathan sounds and looks just like don vito from Bam

  10. kingBRAD151 says:

    people who wear one glove and look cool:
    -Micheal Jackson.

  11. DanB4004 says:

    how dare eric speak!

  12. veronamatt1 says:

    nathan better be back on fresh perspectives or i’ll kill myself

  13. jessslalonde says:

    “i’ll boof with you” LOL OMG

  14. PissedOffPasty says:

    cool bongs kyle

  15. Turbotiggytroy says:

    So…If goodneighbor was to make a DVD with all their videos, and slapped all of Beck, Nick, and Kyle’s uploads on there with them. I WOULD BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT.

  16. Trickshot2008 says:

    this video was outrageous fun

  17. DaFlipification says:


  18. CharveLarve says:

    jon fucking na

  19. fiddlebender88 says:

    Venice Beach from a different camera angle… mind blown.

  20. TheMacDonaldz says:

    dick club

  21. Hagl3y says:

    no lie… I actually was

  22. mikkizzil4shizzil says:


  23. TobeyTheKoala says:

    dude is that a python brand on that shelf? Buy some nug nug, make sure it’s crystallized, and please tell me you didn’t lose your blink blank skunk skunk

  24. TheRealDVairsoft says:

    0:36 LOL i’m liking the bongs on the shelf and the stack of 100’s on top of the books

  25. ScaredStraightUtube says:

    On your mother club!

  26. inkystinky123 says:

    God dammit, Eric….

  27. Brickcellent says:

    Yay! Back on the 20th! 😀

  28. leerey14 says:

    we found out about them in a previous episode, let the shit stain have its glory.

  29. Hagl3y says:


  30. joel2112 says:

    This was all great stuff, looking forward to the new Fresh Perspectives!

  31. TheAntman217 says:

    Yes!! It’s coming back!!!!

  32. CyborgClown says:

    YAY it’s comin back!!!!

  33. GRick92 says:

    I looked up…

  34. AidenLangley says:

    under 100 club?

  35. TheWillBlade says:


  36. NealZetek says:

    I want to punch kassem in the face

  37. ninjabreadman22 says:


  38. BerkeleyBuilt says:

    0:29 Kyle’s stack of $100’s.

  39. TubbyLumpedKins says:


  40. Drakesinmoue says:

    Jon Na = Asian Eric

  41. Drakesinmoue says:

    6:38 is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Just… look at his face.

  42. MrQuoteMan says:

    And the two pipes on his shelf…

  43. leerey14 says:

    i like the shit stain on kyles wall.

  44. abcbamz17 says:

    the fact that kyle kassem nick beck jon eric dave and all the behind the scenes producers are in this is what i loved about this series, its like the whole family

  45. nairbsille says:

    yay its coming back!

  46. phelps461 says:

    so this was all a commercial to the new fresh perspectives. I lost all faith in documentaries

  47. SurfingwithBen says:


  48. Mrcmack19 says:

    video on firday! waaaa……?

  49. FBeckenbauer4 says:

    Really funny stuff.