Does Big Pharma Think Everything Requires a Drug Now?


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Does Big Pharma Think Everything Requires a Drug Now?Pretty soon we’ll be told getting up in the morning is a good excuse to take meds. But is there more to the idea that everything is an official “disorder” th…

7 comments on “Does Big Pharma Think Everything Requires a Drug Now?

  1. EmpathyWorks on

    Start building your own brand Melissa.

    Alex maybe a nice jumpoff, but be careful. That guy really likes to look at himself and glorify himself.

    Your stories have been the greatest thing to happen to InfoWars. When you become too important I hope Alex doesnt power trip too much and try to hold you down.

    God Bless you.

  2. rubberatb on

    Can you please cover Cannabis? I would like to see you guys do an in depth report about Cannabis. The US dept of health owns patent 6630507 for cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants and GW pharmaceuticals was recent granted a patent for cannabinoids as treatment for cancer. Cannabis is an extremely beneficial natural form of medicine and Big Pharma is waging a war against it while gearing up to make all sorts of medicine from it.

  3. rubberatb on

    Check out a few vids and documentaries on YT “what if cannabis cured cancer” “medical cannabis and its impact on human health” “marijuana patents” look into Dr. Robert Melamede and his research into the ENDOCANNABINOID system. Please look into this information. If you’re not aware already I guarantee you will be amazed at what you’ve been missing out on when it comes to cannabis. PLEASE look into this.

  4. dawala1000 on

    I still love the asthma medicine that can cause asthma related deaths . They are either insane or evil because theres no way a normal person would ever tell any one to take medications with all of the side effects they have .

  5. informationwarfare on

    I’d be interested in seeing that too. We need more info out about this plant. It is obviously being demonized for reasons.

  6. alejandrogalvan1990 on

    Melissa you dont need Alex. you are way more real and are not in it for the fame.

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