Do you agree that legalizing marijuana is a joke?

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
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Considering that everyone in favor of it is a stoner?


  1. Gabby says:

    Duhh. Yeah, i think that tobacco should be illegal too. (and maybe someday alcohol too. I’m 15 and haven’t touched alcohol because it’s illegal. I don’t know if I will maintain my alcohol-free-ness when I’m 21 though. However, if it was illegal I definitely would) so yeah, I think that things that kill people should be illegal

  2. Vr says:

    I’m in favor of it, and I’ve never touched the stuff. If it’s illegal, why isn’t alcohol?

  3. Arlene says:

    Not everyone is a stonier. There are some medical uses for marijuana. It has been proven to help cancer patient keep an appetite during treatment . If it were legalized there would be the benefit of a high tax I would imagine. The only problem is we will become a nation of aches and pains to acquire legal prescription LOL

  4. Ben says:

    Im pretty in favor of it and Im not a stoner. Sometimes legalizing something that’s a bit controversial saves lives. Sometimes people are more responsible when something’s legal or stop doing stuff when it’s legal lol. Nothing’s perfect, or all good.

  5. StylishKidInTheRiotYAYAYA says:

    stop spewing total ignorance mate……… legalisation of marijuana would be an easy way to contribute to a countries economy, as it could then be taxed. marijuana has been proven to have positive medicinal qualities, and it’s less harm-full then alcohol and cigarettes. It would free up police resource to focus on stomping out the importation of actual, hard and harm-full drugs. There’s no reason NOT to legalise weed.

  6. Adam says:

    Not everyone.
    Marijuana does nothing for me (yes, I inhaled) but I don’t see why alcohol’s legal and it isn’t. Alcohol does a lot more damage.

  7. Jillian Galloway says:

    $113 billion a year is spent on marijuana in the U.S. and because of the prohibition *all* of this money goes straight into the hands of criminals. The Mexican drug cartels make two-thirds of their money selling marijuana in the U.S., and they brutally torture, murder and dismember thousands of people a year to protect this cash flow.

    Legalizing marijuana is the *only* thing capable of ending these murders! Maybe it looks like a joke from where you stand but that’s because it’s not your parents who are being decapitated.

  8. bored@work says:

    I agree that you are joke. Every time you ask this question, more people answer that they’re NOT stoners, but do support legalization, proving that you are wrong, than agree with you. What are you trying to accomplish? Get off Y!A & do some research on the benefits of marijuana. I also find it quite hypocritical that you never address alcohol being legal & your thoughts on that.

  9. Ragnar says:

    No. When I see people fighting in town centres, and accident and emergency wards full on a Friday and Saturday night, with most of the patients either needing their stomach pumped or took a severe beating, it wasn’t marijuana abuse that caused it, it was alcohol abuse.

    Whether you like it or not, alcohol is a drug, and it is a matter of fact, not opinion, that alcohol is more dangerous to the user, and more addictive than marijuana.

    So if you believe that marjuana should be kept illegal, then by the same standards, you must be teetotal and believe that alcohol should also be prohibited.

    For the record, I am not a stoner, and haven’t smoked any for years.

  10. Miles says:

    the only bad thing is weed is illgal then it wont be the most popular illgal drug drug dealers would have to do something else something harsher

  11. Persephone says:

    you keep posting the same question, and every time you get OWNED.

  12. Thomas says:

    THE TRUTH = obama has already made some marijuana legal its called LS2 it is not a joke if marijuana is not going to be legalized im going to shoot myself.

  13. 560tt says:

    Everyone in favor is not a stoner, most of them just have brains that work.