Did you know marijuana plants grew to be “12 to 14 feet tall and 7 to 8 feet wide”? How long does it take?

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September 7, 2010
My neighbors have their side garage windows blacked out & have a generator going. R they growing marijuana?
September 8, 2010
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DAR asked:

And does this only happen in the ‘High Country”, so to speak?

“More than 100 law enforcement officers took part in last week’s marijuana eradication effort in northern Siskiyou County that officials say resulted in the confiscation of six tons of pot valued at $125 million.

On September 12 and 13, more than 19,000 plants were taken from the Maple Gulch area of White Cloud Mountain near Horse Creek, according to a Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department report. Another 6,000 plants, planted among manzanita, were taken from the nearby Barkhouse Creek area on the south side of the Klamath River.

Sheriff’s Department Captain Mike Murphy said the plants “were very large, some of them 12 to 14 feet tall and 7 to 8 feet wide. We took out several dump truck loads.”

To be honest, this is not a joke, and goes along with an earlier post of mine about drug families starting to have drug plantations within our borders.
“Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department Marijuana Eradication Unit Law enforcement officials suspect that both cultivation operations are connected to an international drug cartel, which means any prosecution will be conducted in the Federal courts.

On the morning of September 14, the Sheriff’s Department reported that officers of the California Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle traveling east on Highway 96 near Collier’s Rest Area north of Yreka and detained the five Hispanic male occupants. A short time later, the Sheriff’s Department received several calls reporting two Hispanic males walking east along Highway 96 near Quigley’s Store in the community of Klamath River. Sheriff’s Deputies contacted and detained these two men as well, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

All seven men were found to be Mexican nationals who were booked into Siskiyou County Jail on immigration holds. Officials of the Immigration and Naturalization Service were notified.
Captain Murphy said it is believed the men were associated with the marijuana plantations. ”


I think this is too serious for all of this political gamesmanship, myself.

What do you think?
judy_r8 – what I object to is not Granny growing a plant or two in her back yard to ease her arthritis, but the drug cartels, of the ‘cut off the heads and dump them in a bar’ fame bringing their operation into our country.
slim – thanks, you are a fount of information! It sounds like they think this was a cartel, though.
Nancy, does it worry you that I have sources for what I say?
Jackie, why on earth would I care what color they are? However, my point isn’t actually about pot, it is about cartels moving thier infrastructure into our country.


  1. jj says:

    i’m calling the police right now ?

  2. gokart121 says:

    What do I think? DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT! lol let em grow their weed in Mexico, keep it OUT of the United States

  3. Brandy says:

    who cares……….doesnt hurt me any. Thats quite a bit though. Theres gonna be a shortage somewhere.

  4. Tegeras says:

    It was for medicinal purposes of course ! haha

  5. judy_r8 says:

    Where have you been since 1960? Pot plantations have been sprouting up everywhere since then. People have always grown pot, and alwayswill. Its really no big deal, except to neo-conservative governments and their penchant for outlawing anything that may actually be enjoyable.

  6. getmycountryback says:

    Send them and their drugs home………illegal is illegal no matter how you wrap it up and package it.

  7. Zoe says:

    Dar I saw this on Lou Dobbs awhile back. They also had to fly in personal two at a time the area was so remote they considered this bust just one of many out there but they just haven’t found yet

  8. Slim Whitman says:

    Pot grows anywhere it can take root. It’s a weed. I grew some Iowa Blue back in my younger druggie days.

    Pot is an annual it is not a perennial. It grows from a seed each year like corn. value assumes the grower is selling it by the ounce. I used to sell 1/4 lbs of Iowa Blue for around $45. or $100 a lb. Now days kids are paying $100 for 1/4 ounces.

    Up there in Gold country on the siskiyou and the klamath in all likelihood the culprits are the old unshaven hippies and not the mexicans. I’ve got buddies that prospect for gold on the Klamath and told me of problems with some their dredging equipment disappearing during pot harvest.

    12 to 14′ is common among wild pot plants. cultured pot plants range more in height of 6-8′..

    In my opinion, I think all drugs should be legalized and taxed up the wazzo.. If a person grows pot on USFS ground they’d then need a permit just like a rancher free ranging cattle in Wyoming.

    Pot is a prolific seeding plant as well. Pot seeds once a year, in all likelihood the 6,000 plants is from 6 real planted plants coming up as volunteer.

  9. Jackie S says:

    Well did you see 60 Minutes last Sunday?? The biggest marijuana shipments are now coming in through Canada….being promoted by white Canadians.

  10. aramara3010 says:

    In Ted Rosenthalls book, Marijuana Growers Hand Book, you WILL see photos of plants that were 12-14 high and 6-8 ft across, with heads that would weigh in at approx 1 Lb each, so yeah, it is possible.

  11. Nancy F says:

    Snip, snip, paste.. and the word is FONT..

  12. kysteelgirl says:

    pretty soon their business will be big enough to join bush, exxon, haliburton & the rest of the criminals.

    PS – I have seen many plants like that in Kentucky but they were grown by Americans & their buddies!

  13. mimilundgren says:

    Is our nation going to be covered up with the mexican maffia?