Did american indians smoke tobacco or marijuana?

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ℓα gяιηgα asked:

They taught me in school tobacco, but I was watching a movie last night, sorry I don’t know the name. And they were smoking marijuana. I’m not sure if it was just as a joke. Or do they just tell you tobacco in school, because marijuana is illegal.

The actors in the movie were; Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan.

8 comments on “Did american indians smoke tobacco or marijuana?

  1. bijou...the other white meat on

    marijuana and tobacco, but mostly tobacco. they used hemp largely for rope making. even in modern times, when a native american dies his family is obliged to give friends and family tobacco. it’s seen as good medicine, a sort of lucky charm if you will. and i think what you saw in the movie was in fact an opium den, popularized in the states by early chinese immigrants during the industrial revolution.

  2. Vostro 1500 overclocked! on

    According to the documentaries i’ve seen; yes, they did. Not as a means of pleasuring themselves though. They were used as medicinal cures and were ONLY consumed in moderation, as they were believed to be sacred and a means to communicate with the almighty.

  3. Voice of Reality on

    I’m sure the did use mind altering substances. But, usually it was to go on a spirit journey or something along those lines. Not just for the hell of it.

  4. Baba Yaga on

    They smoked tobacco, certainly, but they also smoked peyote. Why do you think they were called “peace” pipes?

  5. kanien:kaha'ka on

    the only people who call it a “peace pipe” are those who watch too many movies made by people who don’t know anything about us. its a pipe. period. and we smoke tobacco, one of our indigenous plants, sometimes mixed with other berries or barks depending on the region and purpose. hemp is a traditional medicine and used for clothing etc but of course the government now says its bad so they have outlawed its use.

    its not smart to get your information from most movies.

  6. Wagon Burner on

    I think it was a joke.

    As far as I know tobacco and even some tribes smoked Peyote.

    Peyote was only used for ceremonies and it was spiritual thing.

    Abusing Peyote is condidered a big no no and causes bad medcine for the person who does it.

  7. X Y on

    I am sure that some modern Native Americans smoke marijuana, but I don’t believe it was part of their traditional culture.

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