Cops Say Legalize Pot

Jamie N. Commons “Rumble and Sway” 03/07/13 – CONAN on TBS
March 30, 2013
Short History of Cannabis Marijuana in America
March 30, 2013

Cops Say Legalize PotSierra Adamson interviews retired police detective, Howard Wooldridge who is a part of Citizens Opposing Prohibition (COP). Howard is a drug policy specialis…


  1. saintstrawman1 says:

    Weed sears the conscience & makes zombies. Any time satanic Illuminati pop culture glorifies something, you know it’s a mind-control ploy. They’ve been using weed to control the retarded liberals since the hippie movement. Where are we now? Destroyed family, destroyed middle class, evil psychopaths dominating the highest positions, brainwashed masses, demoralized youth & lust-driven douches who won’t admit that weed is a deadly drug because they value pleasure more than God-given reason.

  2. Excedrine says:

    **Fuck Statists. Fuck you.


  3. Joker13621 says:

    what not ethical about selling a plant you grew

  4. noblsht says:

    Bottom line, never trust a cop

  5. saintstrawman1 says:

    there are many grades of weed & unless you’re already a genius, it’ll make you slower than your full potential.

  6. ovechkin100 says:

    hey…. my cats name is leo, lets not get his name mixed up with those monsters

  7. barajasfelipe16 says:

    Am glad am living in tx because tx would never legalize marijuana!

  8. ProthoPectore says:

    Cannabis grow timelapse

  9. Joker13621 says:

    could you be more ignorant?

  10. Fulkini says:

    That’s the only thing that came up to your mind when watching this video? Bro…

  11. PositiveMindNews says:


  12. Gordon Yates says:

    Simple answer, yes. More complex answer, it is hard to get it through the ‘public mind’ that the police shouldn’t be using time, energy, and our money to enforce current drug laws. A good start would be to legalize marijuana.

  13. Chris Zaun says:

    I am sick of hiding when i smoke like i am a criminal.

  14. StarcraftAlphaBeta says:

    Is it just me, or is that women the hottest female on earth?

  15. backflashproduction says:

    MOST law enforcement officers do not choose to think for themselves.

  16. AngryBroomHandler says:

    Legalize Cannabis and the entrepreneurs will create a corporate monopoly but not before Government taxes it therefore legal weed would become the greatest money making scam since tobacco and even opium in the 18th and 19th century.One must consider who truly benefits from such a shift in the legal and social structure after all you can guarantee it won’t be the common man and woman,they will pay just as they do now for Alcohol.America is lobbying it’s own downfall,what next? Legalized Heroin? 😉

  17. Quincy Thompson says:

    Maryland is trying to leaglize marijuana as well

  18. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    Cannabis makes people slow down and be cautious. Alcohol induces reckless behavior. They are polar opposites. It can effect driving, but far less than alcohol and the NHTSB proved it twice. See: Marijuana And Actual Driving Performance – by Robbe, NHTSA, 1993 & Marijuana And Actual Driving Performance – by Robbe, NHTSA, 1999. I quote: “[Moderate use] has not been shown to extend into the area that can rightfully be regarded as dangerous or an obviously unacceptable threat to public safety.”

  19. John Joannou says:

    So the government make it so that both spouses become overworked to pay their taxes, with the repurcussion of parents not being able to provide proper parenting care, … now how much sense does that make?!
    Get the kids away from their parents and then blame the kids ….oi yo yoi

  20. chrismay1a says:

    his job is make sure the public is safe.. if people are walking around after smoking a joint they are not endangering anyones life..but if some crack head walks around after taking some dope then its a different story.

    just like mark emery (forgive my spelling) said, think about the day, 4/20, pot heads gather around and smoke weed. no one gets harmed during 4/20… now think if we had the same event once a year where people went and got drunk on the streets, it woudl be a bloody violant mess

  21. Dsi1ver says:

    2:53 this is what im talking about. the cops taking the money incentive, this is not ethical. nothing in this video does it even discuss growing and selling plants.

  22. Lego Munny says:

    It’s already a money making scam – criminals, police etc.

    The common man and woman who get arrested for pot will probably care.

    Prohibition ended, and the United states did not.

    Own downfall? What are you, retarded?

    Legalize or decriminalize?

  23. blizzared2 says:

    Amazing interview 😀

  24. Fulkini says:

    Lol, get used to it, she does a lot more reporting for WRC. Lucky you.

  25. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    At least he was honest about the drug war as only being a liberal make-work program for nazis.

  26. trangenusa says:

    Excellent, Ron Paul was right, Legalize Marijuana like Colorado and Washington States.

  27. Adam Zolk says:

    Fuck these guys. It’s always the retired one. Why? BECAUSE THEY MAKE MORE MONEY WHEN THEY’RE COPS BECAUSE OF DRUGS.

  28. Chris Zaun says:

    Weed doesnt make people stupid.the last 4 presidents and steve jobs smoked pot,they were not the lazy pothead myth.

  29. Alex Zapata says:

    From what i heard it’s just Medical, that’s all for now. But i’m sure over the years more states will start doing it.

  30. croakerchoker504 says:

    I wanna get in the redhead’s vagina

  31. HOORVT says:

    thats a good answer

  32. zerocool155 says:

    this guy is on point!

  33. Joker13621 says:

    lol at least its a cat named leo i have a friend named their golden retriever leo i was all like isnt leo the lion?

  34. RosenKrantz666 says:

    Big ups to Howie. He’s GOT to be one of the few among the last generation of actual PEACE officers. A REAL Man.

    Need more of them. Where are y’all??

  35. dpatrick813 says:

    “Can’t fix stupid” this guy has common sense

  36. Joker13621 says:

    this man is a peace officer not a scumbag “leo” law enforcement ociffer

  37. 0101Matrix0101 says:

    Michael Doucheberg clearly came out as a tsar of New York who acknowledge that his govt. could infringe on our rights whenever they think they can.

  38. Lego Munny says:

    You’re a troll huh?

    Best be.

  39. Joker13621 says:

    corporatism will try and hijack anything to make a buck.

  40. BabylonsKing says:

    Notice this man is probably in his late 50’s and Still Has a Brain unlike what they Hire these days on the force. The Fact they Mandated New Law Enforcement SHILLS TO NOT HAVE I.Q.’s OVER 100..FACT: Big Problem these days. Too Much Money throwing people in JAIL FOR Mary Jane and Biggest Business for the PRIVATIZED PRISON Ind.

  41. koma lati says:

    SMART MAN : )

  42. saintstrawman1 says:

    No, I’m just one of those guys who says what everybody knows but hates to admit because of the moral implications. And don’t give me the “best be” bullshit because I’m not a pagan, nor a satanist, nor a witch.

  43. sadwookie11 says:

    This is so damn good! Thanks WRC!

  44. ObamaJoker says:

    Wow, legalize crack-cocaine? What about acknowledging that all cocaine brought into the US is brought in by the CIA/ the Federal Government and stopping them from bringing it in?

  45. BottlecapAnonymous says:


  46. JohnnyBlade2000 says:

    How can you say people use pot for strictly pleasure, you are not them. Not everyone uses things for the same reasons and mind you pot does have medicinal applications. Pot has always been the fall guy for other substances and will continue to be until legal reform is put in total effect. I doubt pot is responsible for societies ills as you claim in the textbook authority fashion that landed pot in the position it is in now. Go take you a drink and think about that one.

  47. StarcraftAlphaBeta says:

    That girl is VERY beautiful!

  48. KingAbdullahKey says: