Comedian performs high on Marijuana


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Comedian performs high on MarijuanaMcHenry Cruiser performs his stand up comedy set while high under the influence of Marijuana. Facebook: Twitter:

22 comments on “Comedian performs high on Marijuana

  1. DozaCraft on

    This one went really well bro! awesome job it seems like you’re getting a LOT more comfortable on stage and your jokes are getting more tuned in and structured

  2. xxkill778 on

    @McHenry i miss the videos on your main channel when are you gonna upload more of your INsanely fucking hilarious videos?

  3. mkost84 on

    Haha! I think you’re getting better dude. I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now, but I’ve never commented before. I found you because I deal with the social anxiety avoidance bs too, but I just wanted to let you know I think your stand up is improving. Keep it going. The video from the coffee house place with the redhead chick was a good set too. You had some chick giggling the whole time. You’ve been developing the staring at the person in the bar joke too, working it in w the audience.

  4. DozaCraft on

    Wow this was a really nice venue, I liked the intermediate band 😛 And this is one thing I could NEVER do.. get on stage high

  5. Jennifer Bluett on

    Talking as a Brit. I think the humour used is more british than american, then truthfully, british humour was around long before american humour hence its years better. That comment is not anti-american as some may take it because I love America and alot of Americans. XOXOX

  6. EssiacHempLaetrile on

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  7. David Paul on

    Wow your comedy is like extemely offensive. Wow

    I understand the need to get your self out there but how can this help your anxiety?

    It is almost like you are going out of your way to be hated on? I dont know I guess I just deal with it a little different.

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