Cloney sundayz ;)

Interview with Bobo Shanti High Priest About Rastafarianism
April 10, 2013
Drug bust in Warwick
April 10, 2013

Cloney sundayz ;)


  1. MrGoldcut says:

    i like NFT and the endproduct 😉 if you got it dailed in on spot then you know all the tricks 😉 do you use a water chiller? not beeing able to move the plants is a minus for shure…so i guess a multistrain run is a waste of space when they finish on different will be easier then NFT and with the measuring you are doing now i think it wont be a big change for you…. accept busting your back with the coco bags 😉

  2. 1980kes says:

    east coast bro….Massachusetts is pretty fun…..

  3. killabait1 says:

    Bro you are bad ass if you do all this by yourself!! Thats alot of work. Respect for you do

  4. MrGoldcut says:

    sounds fun!! big car and a few drivers…lets do this 🙂

  5. MrGoldcut says:

    scott is a chill guy but no i did not work for him 🙂 cheers !

  6. MrGoldcut says:

    canada is also big on my map for years…don’t know about the fun with beavers and shit…hahaha! i think i have family in canada…not shure if in toronto or the other side 😉

  7. MrGoldcut says:

    thanks!! glad you enjoy!!cheers!

  8. zmllr says:

    Such a chill vibe…let me know if ur ever comin to pa haha

  9. edoh907 Mr. E says:

    when ever your coming to America YOU NEED TO COME TO ALASKA! fish hunt smoke eat good stuff. summer for sure

  10. Brock Hittle says:

    Colorado, USA is a great place and we are in the process of legalizing.

  11. Mnt Canna says:

    what kind of mister do you have in that resovoir? by the way love your vids and all the content!! if ya got a chance check my garden!! running supersoil!! peace and pot!

  12. MrLeedham says:

    I used 3 big trays running into a large reservoir . I have a water heater to keep the water temp around 21c and I also have an air stone in there. I was thinking of using 15ltr pots for the coco but I’m unsure of how big I would need to grow them before switching them to flower! I normally grow them to 350mm then switch them. Do I do everything the same as I no ally would? And should I use the 60-40 coco with clay pebbles? 🙂

  13. MrGoldcut says:

    ive been to cali twice and i want to visit again!! cheers

  14. officialstatik says:

    I love your vids, im from New Jersey but hopefully moving to Colorado very soon. Yah i like your style and if you would like to meet up and just chill hmu. Allright later . bless.

  15. MrGoldcut says:

    is it allready legal for tourists in the 2 legal states?

  16. dan420kush says:

    From the research ive done is yes anyone over 18 can posses up to an ounce . But they are calling it the year of the magic oz . They are still working out in wa and co how it will be sold . But im sure it wouldnt be to hard to find ! Were still waiting on a response on the federal level , but for them to go against state voted law would not go over to well . States rights are a very key issue for the rebs and the dems . So ya as far as I know its legal now ! Stay tuned the usa movment is now!

  17. MrGoldcut says:

    thats like a 7 hour flight from where i am 🙂 not far!

  18. MrGoldcut says:

    very nice bro!! i clone for shelter 😉

  19. MrGoldcut says:

    thanks buddy! i will hit you all up as soon as im in your country 😉 enjoy!!

  20. MrGoldcut says:

    i dont reuse the drain water…the 15 ltr are fine i think but ive also seen nice results with smaller pots 😉 its hard to tell when to switch to 12 hours it really depends on the stretch of the strain and your hight space and how tall you like them…i think the company goldlabel sells a pebble coco mix..i have to see a side by side with normal coco and pebbled coco to really tell a difference in bloom ! cheap pebbles are produced with nasty chemicals that leach into your roots…!! watch out !

  21. MrGoldcut says:

    everybody told me to visit austin and not houston 😉 thanks buddy!

  22. MrLeedham says:

    Hey Goldcut I’m a new subscriber. Awesome setup you have, keep it up. I’m growing in NFT and wanting to start growing in coco but don’t really kw much abt it. You got any tips for me ??! Thanks 🙂

  23. MrGoldcut says:

    hey buddy thanks for the sub!! there are a few things you should think about 🙂 compared to your NFT you will have to get rid of lots of coco once in a while if you dont reuse it wich i dont like but some people do it 😉 i guess you have a ph and ec meter so what you will need is coco/hydro fertilizer a drain waste bucket ! get quality coco fiber in bags …i dont reccomend bricks because they are a mess but easy to carry 😉

  24. MrGoldcut says:

    thanks ;) if you know what to do its very easy !if you have a team mate its faster and more productive 😉 enjoy !!

  25. MrGoldcut says:

    ive been told so 🙂 cheers buddy!

  26. MrGoldcut says:

    someone thinks its not a good idea to travel…..not my problem if your broke ass stays at home HATER 🙂

  27. MrGoldcut says:

    i would love to as long its still there and not blown up 🙂 cheers!

  28. tmcheech says:

    If you stop in denver we can sesh

  29. MrLeedham says:

    Yeah I have all the kit ec meter and so on… Do you just give them a light feed through the veg stage as normal and then up it in flower? And with NFT sometimes your plant takes more water than feed so I used to just add plain water to keep the ec right. How do you tell when you do it in coco?! Thanks:)

  30. San Diablo says:

    Just found your vids man. Love what I see. Always nice to see growers on the next level. Keep it up. Cheers

  31. dan420kush says:

    Im from texas but if you havent been to colorado thats your best bet . since you said youve been east coast and west coast . Beautiful plus the smoke is LEGAL yea … lol. …. peace bro !

  32. Stickysickness1 says:

    Yessir… Holler when you cone thru monterey! I got you!

  33. MrGoldcut says:

    they get a light feeding every time i water them i add enzymes every time to the mix…i dont flower them because the garden you see on my vids is a mother/clone garden only ! i use all the water that i prepare and if i have leftover i adjust the ph next day…how much fert. they need depends on a few things like size,cutted or not and strain…cheers!

  34. MrGoldcut says:

    hell yeah !! 1 love to the bay !!

  35. MrLeedham says:

    I’ve been doing it in NFT for around 5 years and I’ve had a few problems along the way:( but I feel I’m at a stage now where I’ve got it spot on. But the down side is I can’t move my plants around and I just want to try something new. People say that it’s easier in coco.

  36. MrLeedham says:

    Just one more thing:) what’s the best way to train my plants to maximise the heads? And should at any point I take any of my leaves off, or does that depend on the strain. I’m just in the process of growing G13 Pineapple Express 😉

  37. Oscar Belmare says:

    You sound like the dalaïlama of cloning. You rock

  38. MrGoldcut says:

    you guys are lightyears ahead when it comes to the right of choosing your medication and cannabis…there is so much to learn with legal states/countries and the effect on the system positive and negative ! and i think if there is a domino effect of legalization it will effect central europe too…my hope 🙂

  39. Oscar Belmare says:

    South south ! Wholenother world! Or come to canada with me! Funny times with beavers and shit!

  40. MrGoldcut says:

    try supercropping or scrogging your plant !? take a look how deep your light penetrates thru the canopy and you will see wich leafes dont get light…these are the once i remove…but dont just remove all fan leafes like photosynthesis no life 😉 cheers buddy!

  41. danclick1 says:

    yea people don’t understand that there is no day off for a grower. you really gotta be dedicated to this and love it like me

  42. MrGoldcut says:

    what…ommmmmmmmm ;) peace love and all that..

  43. Bahaga daga says:

    You know your always welcome in portland oregon buddy 🙂 we would love to see you again 🙂

  44. TheDailyBaker says:

    Cool… Do holler when you come through A Z, we’ll have a carepackage waiting for your travels, and put you to work filling one of the 45 site power cloner while, the pro is around 🙂

  45. MrGoldcut says:

    i have friends in the area around soldotna !! i would love to visit alaska one day!!

  46. MrGoldcut says:

    i know and i will come to oregon again no doubt !! when are you guys coming to europe.. 🙂

  47. MrGoldcut says:

    thanks buddy! check out garden pond foggers on ebay or others they come with a swimmer ring to float on the surface..they are availible in different sizes..the one i use has 4 membranes ! cheers

  48. tetra can says:

    did you work for shantibaba in the past?

  49. MrGoldcut says:

    thanks buddy!! 

  50. toneansandy33 says:

    come to cali usa….we would love to have u here ….stay highly connected