Chinese Guy Trolls on 4/20

UFC’s Michael Bisping — Hey, Wanderlei Silva … Oral Me!
April 22, 2015
RS, World Pre, & Andrew Crillz – “Reggie Bush” (Official Music Video/Comedy Skit)
April 22, 2015

“Chinese Guy Trolls on 4/20” Directed by Life of Bri – Watch Life of Bri’s New Video! https:// â-· DOWNLOAD NEW SONG “Fifty…


  1. Jean-Francois Prince says:

    Wat weed is legal in bc? 

  2. nycczz23 says:

    Freaking loved the video man! I miss your content by the weekly Peter Chao,
    still a supporter regardless and hope that whatever you’re doing that you
    will become even more successful.

  3. Pong670 says:

    dat chick :O

  4. Yonny G says:

    Fuck you Peter Chao

  5. wescoolya says:

    I keep on thinking that’s the end of a paintball gun that he’s sticking in
    people’s faces.