Broad City – Nature Skills

Scooter Vlog Testing
February 19, 2015
Best Vines for RANDOMHIGHQUESTIONSINDIANAKING Compilation – October 30, 2014 Thursday Night
February 19, 2015

While an injured Abbi tries to distract herself from the pain, Ilana communes with nature in an effort to find help. Watch more Broad City:


  1. Sonic Tha Hedgehog says:

    They need to upload the “wanna fook!?” Clip.

  2. Philip McIntosh says:


  3. toromoreno says:

    this is supposed to be funny?

  4. lizard lemon says:

    1at comment

  5. Prank Files says:

    She needs more experience with that joint !!

  6. Antonio Meza says:

    What’s the song playing there?

  7. VellC says:

    Soooo she jerked off a tree is what you’re trying to tell me?