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numberseven.withabullet asked:

yeah so i was just hanging out with my friend [[who does drugs]] and like he was joking around and put a small amount of marijuana in my water and didnt tell me about it. so like when i was drinking it he told me about it. and i spit it out as quick as i could because im not into drugs and shit like that. so like i have to go to the doctor tomorrow and take a blood test because ive been sick lately but will it show up on the blood test? or do you have to smoke it for it to show up?
yeah and just to add ive never done it before in my life. but from the answers i think ill be safe =]


  1. glamour04111 says:

    you should be ok

  2. scromlette213 says:

    If it was that small of an amount, you don’t have a problem. The THC in marijuana is really only activated when baked or smoked. If you eat induce mass quantities of it, you won’t get high, but you’ll probably get sick. But if you bake it in a browie, you will get high.

    You have nothing to fear sweetie.

  3. queensassey says:

    Don’t worry about anything. You have to inhale the drug for it to be in your system.

  4. rtippie57 says:

    They have to test for it. It just doen’t show up. Plus you have to give them permission to run a drug screen.

  5. T-Bone says:

    The blood test you will be taking most likely won’t test for drugs. They have specific tests for that.

    Even if they were testing for it, you didn’t ingest any amount to show up as positive. You generally do have to smoke it (or eat it) for it to show up or to get high. The equivalent of licking a bud in this case is nothing to worry about.

  6. joteropr says:

    If you didn’t swallow and the drug didn’t get into your system there should be no problem, perhaps the blood test the doctor will try on you is looking for germs to find out why you are sick for, the blood test to detect drugs is totally different.

  7. Jody O says:

    You’re totally fine. Don’t overreact and take any cleansing product (especially Goldenseal) because drug tests also look for these things, too.

    If you’re still nervous, go to the drug store. They sell OTC drug tests now. Just get one and pre-test yourself to make shure. Easy!

    If it really is just a simple physicians blood test that you’re worried about, it wont even turn up even for a real pothead. They usually dont find stuff that they arent looking for, nor do they particurlarly care.

  8. spoiled wife says:

    take a test
    15$ will tell you

  9. jean l says:

    NO it won’t show because the DR. isn’t looking for illegal drugs just why your sick.Have no fear and yes you can get high from eating and drinking in your case pot smoking and taking THC pills.But did you get high no it was such a small amount that’s not a factor.

  10. sammy_the_diver says:

    you are probably getting sick just from the thaught of drinking it but weed stays in your system for about 2weeks thats only if you have smoked it once, if you are a regular smoker it can stay in your system for even a year after you`ve quit that is in extreme cases.ok so you are safe for the blood test it will not show any marijuana 100%. unless you drinked like alot of it persay if the solution of marijuana was highly concentrated like a dime bag in a 300ml of water it might show 24 hours no more after you`ve drinked it.

  11. queenie says:

    no – it won’t show up on a blood test, not unless they do a drug screen specifically for weed, which they probably won’t. no worries.