Bill Maher – Wealth Inequality in America

March 23, 2013
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March 23, 2013

Bill Maher - Wealth Inequality in AmericaBill Maher hilariously explains wealth inequality in a way that the tea-party can understand.


  1. Leanne Dickson says:

    fuck fox news and fuck glen beck

  2. ReligionAndIdeology says:

    However, I do not agree with inherited wealth either. These people have yet to serve society. An enormous inheritance tax, without loopholes, would prevent crazy wealth accumulation and dynasties. I’m into capitalism, but I do believe it requires a little modification!

  3. PZPhart says:

    @religionandideology and that is the flaw in your thinking, 1 person cannot and never has been able to do 80% more work than 99 people. You’re delusional if you truly believe that false argument. Perfect example, Even if you believe Sam Walton did all the work to create the Wal-Mart wealth, he is now dead!!! Yet his top six heirs that did not work to create any of that wealth, possesses it all, more wealth than the the poorest 100,000,000 people in America. You are a fool if you believe that

  4. log140 says:

    It`s not about demo-republicans, fascists-socialism.. it`s about poor and rich!!

  5. Leanne Dickson says:

    i love this guy,say it as it is mate cause you are awesome

  6. Tetzukai says:

    Out of 100 slices for example, yeah. Why did this get negative votes this is simply logical…

    However there are people who take for instance 40% of what you put 80% in whether it’s your boss or owner, government, or the average person. All are basically takers.

  7. Tetzukai says:

    I think that wasn’t the point. The same can be said for this case – if 99 people done all of the work they deserve it all. They get what they worked for, not these 6 welfare asswipes you are talking about not that I am denying the bullshit. People who produce like those 99 people deserve all of the profit unless it’s for something else they approve of like investment and business utilities.

  8. IsLikeThat says:

    Does anyone else think the pizza analogy really puts things into perspective?

  9. po0py42O says:

    how come liberals never bring up the wealth inequlity from having a HS diploma n not having one, a college degree and not having one, being a self motivated person n a lazy shit….its only about money like some slob should make as much as someone who goes through grad school

  10. po0py42O says:

    you have fallen for the governments class warfare…the only 1% is the federal government….you should take your anger out on human greed more than capitalism….people abuse capitalism like they do drugs and sex…

  11. MacAppleJack says:

    SHOULD Call It Surviver America. LOL

  12. IsLikeThat says:

    That type of wealth inequality is fair. No one cares about that. We are talking about the top 0.1%. No one that made their money from any kind of degree, even a graduate degree, has too much income or wealth. No one is complaining about them. In fact, even those with graduate degrees are still getting screwed over by the top 0.1%. So, the wealth inequality between any given education level in the 99.9% is not unfair. It’s the growing unfairness in the top 0.1% that has skyrocketed since 1978.

  13. ReligionAndIdeology says:

    I don’t believe that one man could make more of an effort than the other 99 people, but I do believe that one man could do more work. An inventor could create an impressive machine to do more work than the others though. ie a man with a tractor versus 99 with ox and plough. Or a research scientist could develop the cure for cancer. This work would eclipse the work of thousands of other research scientists. The question is should he sacrifice any of his yield gained through serving others?

  14. FartyFace says:

    Hey Bill, would you rather have 1/4th of an extra small tiny pizza, or 1/10th of a HUGE giant pizza?

  15. IsLikeThat says:

    Bill Maher is hilarious. Makes me want to get HBO!!

  16. Tetzukai says:

    Not really, the truth is it’s the producers vs the takers.

  17. ReligionAndIdeology says:

    Not really. It doesn’t include the work that went into getting the pizza. If one person did 80% of the work then logically he would be entitled to 80 slices.