Best of April Fools’ Day – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

How Tattoos Age, Sexism in Music, Weed for Pets | The Point with Ana Kasparian
April 1, 2015
Jorge Cervantes – Ultimate Grow DVD1 [Legendado PT-PT]
April 1, 2015

David Hasselhoff stops by, and the comedians come up with Portland-friendly pranks and play a round of April Fools’ or Just Japan.


  1. Aisha Alghailani says:


  2. Eric L says:


  3. Theo Terrell says:


  4. TheAtticus Adam New says:

    Hey, I’ve actually been to Assville! It’s a lovely place with a flourishing
    downtown and a beautiful residential district! 

  5. Jimmy Bunch says:

    First you dirty little sluts.

  6. red5robb1 says:

    have the episodes been repeats for anyone else this week?

  7. Tyler Lacroix says:

    TJ seems like he’s high or something. He’s usually a lot more excited and

  8. Robert Paulson says:

    Sick ass pavement shout out from Al

  9. Cameron Begin says:

    Fuck you News