Are there any houseplants that resemble marijuana?

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September 16, 2010
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September 16, 2010
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Stacy asked:

I think it would be a great joke to get my friend a houseplant that looks like marijuana. Are there any, and if so, where can I get one?


  1. swangirl says:

    Japanese maple:

    Japanese aralia:

    Both are commonly available at nurseries.

  2. Michelle G says:

    Vitex, Texas star hibiscus and cleome as well.

  3. kelly d says:

    The above mentioned plants are not house plants. And although I would have to agree that Cleome really does look a LOT like pot, it would be the hardest to grow indoors. There are no house plants that truly look like pot. Trust me. I’ve been in the green house, nursery, and landscaping business for 15 years and I have grown pot. BUT, there are artificial silk plants that look like pot. They may be trying to market them as Japanese Maples, but I’m sure their biggest target market group is probably the stoners. Google around for artificial plants and you will find it. Some pet stores also carry them for stoners to put in their iguana tanks for a laugh.

  4. saaanen says:

    I fooled a lot of people with False Aralia.