Am I right that only stoners support marijuana legalization?

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September 27, 2010
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September 28, 2010
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As a non-stoner I am infuriated that we are allowing this extremely deadly and addictive drug into our society with the people who use it. Legalizing marijuana is a total joke and is only supported by those who smoke it. Everyone who doesn’t smoke marijuana is against legalization and against rights of stoners to live.


  1. The Chair says:

    Well that question certainly speaks volumes about your level of intellect.

  2. hotwheels122287 says:

    actually i know plenty of non-“stoners” that support it.

    im not one of them

  3. Anti Censorship says:

    Not really but you’re close, the vast majority of people who support it are stoners.
    Ask anyone how many people they know who are not stoners support mj then ask them how many people who support mj are stoners. The numbers will be grossly uneven.

  4. Daniel says:

    Uh no? Is that a serious question?

    hm I am not a stoner, I support legalizing weed… why because it’s nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol. I mean think about it a drunk guy/gal will want to fight you, a person who is stoned would eat some food and pass out on the coach. You can’t OD on weed, (unless it’s laced hardcore) etc etc. Not to mention that if we continue calling it a crime, we are in a sense supporting organized crime. just my opinion, if you can speak yours i can speak mine… thanks 🙂

  5. ☭Until Victory Always☭ says:

    i actually heard a guy with his family saying to another at a restaurant that legalizing in California is a great thing to bring in state money. he even told his children that its the safest consumable drug you can do. I was shocked when i heard this guy saying this because the guy knew what he was talking about

  6. Denny says:

    I’m not a stoner…but I do support the legalization effort. Get a grip, alcohol kills mega more people than pot.

  7. Nightwind says:

    No, your WRONG, and the BS your saying about Marijuana is WRONG too. Did you learn all you know from an anti-drug commercial ?
    Its been proven NOT to be a gateway drug. Its not associated with violence and robberies.
    There are legitamate medical patient whom need something better than the pain industry has to offer for pain management.
    Government has been lying since the 30’s to make MJ illegal. Old people in pain don’t need all thier brain cells, but recent studies show that brain cell deaths aren’t even a major issue.
    Maybe you should reasearch how government touches or controls your life, and now moron druggies that want to legalize it just for the sake of supporting thier habit are the first to try and “bribe” government with suggestions of taxation. Why the hell should government get anything for a weed you can grow in your own back yard. Certainly legalizing such an effective pain killer would ruin the big pharmaceutical companies

  8. TheFlyingPurplePeopleEater says:

    Its not deadly, and its not addictive. Ughh, why is it so hard to understand. I do not do weed at all, and i support it being legalized, Its a very good and easy medicine, and would do much good to our society if we used it properly. For example, I watched this one video, and it explained how it slows the process of cancer speading, and it can be used for paper and other appliances that arent so harmful as other things are.

  9. Holly says:

    That was a little extreme. Marijuana is good for pain and stress management, and insomnia. It is neither highly addictive nor deadly, unless you have the ability to smoke several times your body weight in one sitting. There is some potential for a psychological addiction, but there is no physical addiction and breaking yourself of it simply requires stopping. There are no real physical withdrawal symptoms. I’m pretty sure not everyone that supports (or voted for, in the case of several legislatures) legalization smokes it. I also just realized that the fact that I even wasted my time answering this was as unintelligent as you using a blanket statement as though you spoke for everyone that doesn’t smoke.

  10. tarainthehood says:

    not quite. for one marijuana is not really an addictive drug. it only becomes that way over a long period of time and prolonged drug use. its actually not very dangerous in my opinion. not nearly as dangerous as alcohol, alcohol makes some people violent, some sad, some aggressive, some happy, it is varied, from what i know marijuana has only made people happy and laid back. and no i am not a user.

  11. Conservative not Republican says:

    You are soooooo wrong. I am not a stoner and I am all for the legalization. It can be taxed and regulated just like booze and cigs.

  12. Norm says:

    No, you are wrong. The medical profession, as a whole, recognizes the therapeutic value of marijuana. Only stoner-doctors advocate wholesale legalization, but it is proven to aid in many chronic conditions.

    Marijuana is waaaaaayyyy down on the list of ‘deadly’ drugs; cigarettes kill 400,000 smokers every year. Alcohol deaths are incalculable. If you are for maintaining the ban on marijuana, you must be as strident in outlawing tobacco and alcohol, as well. If you don’t feel as strongly against them, then you are disingenuous and a hypocrite.

    I’m for criminalizing all mood-altering substances or criminalizing none of them. Either outlaw alcohol or legalize heroine; they are both as destructive. It is the law that makes heroine contribute to robbery, burglary, assault, prostitution, etc, not the drug. I couldn’t care less if an addict overdoses, I just don’t want to be robbed.

  13. Momperson says:

    I do not smoke marijuana, but I support legalizing it. Why? Well even if it’s not legal it’s not going away. You can get it anywhere and for a reasonable price. It is not addictive, except psychologically, and it is not dangerous. It does not lead to harder drugs. All those myths have been dis-proven. If marijuana is legalized it will be controlled and you will not get this product laced by something bad. It will be taxed, and our economy will benefit from the taxes. I am not even advocating the use of marijuana, but I am smart enough to see that no matter what we do, people are going to use it. This was the same with alcohol in the past. And alcohol is a terribly dangerous drug that is addictive, and causes the deaths of innocent people who were not even drinking it, as victims of drunk drivers.l am aware that banning alcohol would not solve that problem either, as we have tried that during prohibition, and it didn’t work.

  14. Casper Dee says:

    Let me know if marijuana killed anyone jackass. Weed is not deadly, and it is also non addictive unless you want to argue a mental addiction (which is too subjective to have any merit in the first place). And your only proving the point that the people who have never smoked marijuana are the ones that have a problem with it. know your facts dude, there are worse things out there worth campaigning against such as cigarettes and alcohol that are legal as well as deadly. Your also supporting the fact that GOD himeslf MADE A MISTAKE and let all these horrible PLANTS grow rampid and the DEA needs to burn all of it in a bonfire, stand in front of the smoke, and preach to you about what you should put in your body. Meanwhile people pay up to $10 a fucking pack in new york to kill themselves slowly, while you preach about the dangers of marijuana.

  15. .::straawberryfields::. says:

    actually no. Me and many of my friends are for the legalization of marijuana, none of us are stoners and many of us have never even smoked. Heres why:

    -its NOT extremely deadly, or deadly at all. Its impossible to overdose on marijuana and there has never been a reported case in history from dying or overdosing on it.

    – Its not extremely addicting at all. If you smoke everyday, all day, for a year and then stop for a week you will want it , but it is only mentally addicting not physically addicting, unlike the other dangerous drugs like cocaine, meth and heroine. In fact, coffee is more addicting than marijuana. Like anything, if you do to much if it, its obviously bad for you.

    – marijuana is a very useful medicinal herb that can help people who are undergoing chemotherapy, anxiety patients, and many other medical conditions.

    – It relaxes you, and makes you think, it can even make you more creative. Alcohal and cigarettes are perfectly legal and they are way more dangerous than marijuana. How many car accidents do you hear about EVERDAY from drunk drivers? How many stories have you heard about people who have alcohal poisoning and die? That will never happen to someone who smokes marijuana.

    – The government lies to people about the harmful effects. The only reason it is illegal is because they can’t tax it. A long time ago it used to be a staple crop. The government then spewed false propaganda claiming it made people go crazy. Cigarettes are what you need to stay away from, not marijuana.

    – When you see those people who do nothing all day except smoke and are lazy, most of them are using the marijuana as an excuse to do nothing and were probably already lazy in the first place. The majority of people who smoke pot aren;t like this, and are actually very productive members of society. It’s the hardcore stoners who give marijuana a bad name.

    Learn your facts, and stop believing everything the government tells you. I’m 15, and I’ve tried pot, ONCE, and no i didn’t die, and no i didn’t get addicted. Nothing happened to me, and it was a very enjoyable experience. People are going to smoke it either way. The government wastes money on keeping harmless pot smokers in jail, that could be spent on REAl criminals who kill and rape people.

  16. andee says:

    before you try to sound smart, why don’t you do some research? it’s not addictive, dont know where you got that from, and it’s not “deadly” it slows cancer cell growth.
    obvious troll is obvious.

  17. birdgirl says:

    No, you are absolutely WRONG! I won’t even waste my time explaining common sense to morons like you.

  18. Mike K says:

    Hey great question. This is totally not true, I’m not going to tell you wheher I smoke or not, because for the most part it has nothing to do with my statement. First off I know many people who are supporting legalization and some, like you believe marijuana is extremely dangerous and addictive, (i could not help but laugh at this one). The truth is marijuana legalization could bring much needed revenue into our country from taxation. It would also keep thousands of people out of jail each year wich could save us millions of dollars. And it would help the growth of the hemp industry which would allow for cheaper paper, rope, and even clothes.
    And another thing marijuana is definatly not addicting believe me I have smoked in the past. And even now I have friends who could have to quit regularly for drug testing at work. And although marijuana could be potentially threatining to your health by causing cancer, but there are many ways one could protect themselves from the harmful carcinogens in marijuana smoke such as, baking the thc into some nice delicious brownies or using a vaporizer which instead of burning the plant matter boils the thc out into a vapor which you than breath in. Breathing thc vapor isn’t any more harmful than breathing in steam.

  19. Lance says:

    I don’t think i should even dignify this question with an answer.